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Academic Performance of Nursing Students

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Factors Affecting Academic PerformanceFactors Affecting AcademicperformanceCHAPTER IProblem and Its SettingIntroductionAcademic performance is measured by the standing of rates of grades of student in every subject. Having a high level of performance on the academic area of a student suggest its competency and high level of confidence on its certain field. Students have their own attitude towards learning and achieving a high level of academic performance.

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The development of their enthusiasm towards succeeding in their own field varies.

In order for a student to succeed he needs to be armed with strategies and techniques that will supplement his desire to reach his goals. One way is to have an efficient and adaptive study habit. This phenomenon can be linked to multi factors that affect their study habit. Such factors can be found in their environment, these includes the type of house they live in; the people around them and the level of support they give; the student and his family’s daily routines; the availability of resources Is this Essay helpful?

Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 350,000 just like it! get better grades for studying; and also his family’s economicstatus, etcetera. Calbayog City, geographically, is a large city and it is also the focal point of many municipalities in the islands of Samar. That is why apart from the majority of students with families living in the city, it is also common in schools to have students that live in boarding houses since these students live in places far enough from Calbayog City.

Christ the King College, specifically the College of Nursing shares this commonality which brings the researchers to wondering whether there are comparisons and differences among BS Nursing students living in their homes and boarding houses in relation to their academic performance. Statement of the problemThis study aims at finding the factors affecting the level of academic performance among the BS nursing student of Christ the king college. It specifically seeks to answer the following questions:1. what is the profile of the BSN students in…

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