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Measuring Team Performance

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An effective method of measuring team performance can help to foster effectiveness amongst teams. The processes involved in measuring performance itself can help team members determine what problems are being faced, the ways of avoiding these problems and solving them. The output of an effective team performance measurement activity can help to enhance feedback, self-esteem, communication, motivation, accountability and team spirit in an organization because it presents a forum for resolving pending issues amongst team members and conducting a general review of activities within the team (DAS, 2004).

There are different methods adopted by organizations to measure team performance. All of these methods however, involve the identification of specific performance metrics that are used as baselines to measure performance within a team. Examples of such metrics could be single-dimensional units like hours, number of reports, dollars, number of errors, or multi-dimensional units (PBM SIG, 2001). Multi-dimensional units are usually expressed as ratios of two basic units for example, miles per gallon.

Some organizations may also develop metrics that are related to its missions and objectives (PBM SIG, 2001). Examples of this could include productivity, safety, effectiveness, efficiency, quality and so on. There are many frameworks for measuring team performance but most of them are based on a balanced set of metrics and a group of strategically focused business perspectives. Some of these frameworks include The Balanced Scorecard, the “Critical Few” set of measures, Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award Criteria and Performance Dashboards (PBM SIG, 2001).

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Measuring Team Performance

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As the head of the local division of a health care management organization, the method I would use to evaluate the performance of the health care team is the balanced score card method. It aims to translate the mission of the organization into critical metrics which are distributed among a set of business perspectives (PBM SIG, 2001). The reason why I am selecting this method of evaluating team performance is because the balanced score card method assesses internal results while examining the external environment. All factors that affect productivity are viewed evenly across board.

The method is normally used by top managers to obtain a comprehensive review of the company. Secondly, a balanced approach allows the consideration of all relevant measures at once and helps to examine if improvement in one aspect does not affect another aspect. Key performance indicators make this extremely easy to accomplish (Skymark Corporation, 2008). Using the balanced approach aims to mirror factors that are essential to the organization’s success, employs the use of vision and strategy and helps to enforce an organization’s vision by setting achievable goals.

The balanced score card also helps in integrating initiatives and breaking down metrics into unit processes so that each individual can identify with their respective contributions to the development of the organization (Skymark Corporation, 2008).


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