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Performance and capabilities of modern computers

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If technology can redefine the way we live in the society in just a year, 5000 days can certainly bring more technological changes that can radically influence our social behavior. The rise of online social networking sites in the p of less than 5 years helped bridge people across continents, simultaneously enhancing communication for the larger public.

The continuous development in the performance and capabilities of modern computers led to the increase in what people can do and, interestingly, most of these developments occurred in less than a decade. With these things in mind, it is not surprising if 5000 days—which is roughly equivalent to 13 years—can bring more technological advancements for the benefit of the people. After 5000 days, technology will enable the ordinary citizen to create their own three-dimensional virtual profiles in online social networking sites.

Websites such as Facebook and Friendster will be things of the past as the next 5000 days will give rise to websites that provide users the capability to interact with other users through user-generated animated 3D images of themselves capable of performing tasks such as mimicking the voice of the user when chatting with other users and copying the user’s behavior in the real world. Future technology will also feature mobile phone software which will allow owners to create files such as word documents automatically transcribed from voice-commands.

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Performance and capabilities of modern computers

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Mobile phones will also have higher forms of artificial intelligence which will enable such phones to perform certain tasks such as doing basic conversation with phone owners as a form of security measure. If there is no match in the voice, the phone can automatically inform local authorities or the manufacturing company about possible theft. There is no saying what exactly 5000 days can bring to technology but we can have rough estimates of how technology and society will respond to the needs and wants of the public. In any case, what is certain is that there will be radical changes in technological innovations.

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