Abnormal Psychology Argumentative Essay

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Abnormal behavior in humans is best defined through the psychological model, which states that such behavior is learned through regular life experiences. For example, an individual can develop water phobia for just falling accidentally in the river.

The behavior can also be gained through social interaction, which is cause of abnormal behavior among the youth. This model is being chosen because of its ability of explaining the cause of abnormal behavior in humans (APA, 1991, p. 431), which leads to the development of proper solutions in helping people overcome the tempting challenges.

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As in other medication processes, the founding of true causes lead to the use of most effective treatments. Most effective treatment has included desensitization processes that help patients overcome fear of objects causing respective ailments.

Another medication approach involves token economy that involves providing significant dozes of positive behavior elements while, at the same time, discouraging any negative behavior. The balance between the two depends on patient’s age and complexity of behavioral problems in question.

The model comes out as most effective in treating phobic disorders that develop throughout lifetime. Unlike in some other abnormal behavior explanation systems, the psychological model has the merit of developing uniquely effective treatment since cases are dealt with individually.

Owing to the high rate of patient-psychologist collaboration required in the treatment processes, the model is best used in patients that understand well what they happen to be going through (Cassidy & Shaver, 2002, p. 95).

Individual psychologists thus have an uphill task of understanding whether patients are aware of issues being addressed. Children are can hardly be helped using this model, through psychologists might try to weigh its applicability, but on a case by case basis.


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