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Abnormal Psychology Online September 30, 2012 Case 15 – Autism Questions: 1. What are some behaviors that Adam demonstrated that eventually concerned his mother as she compared his behavior to other children at his birthday party and as she compared his development to his older brother? Adam did not produce words like the other toddlers at the party. The noises that Adam babbled were not directed to anyone or anything. Adam did not label people or objects. 2. What is echolalia and pronominal reversal? Give examples. Echolalia is a mechanical repeating or echoing of a word or phrase that someone else has said.

The person with autism will repeat the word with the same intonation as the person who said it originally, but will seem to lack understanding of what he/she is repeating. Sometimes the echoing will reoccur days after the original phrase was said; this is called delayed echolalia. Another peculiarity of language in people with autism is pronominal reversal. In pronominal reversal, the autistic person will often refer to him or herself as “you”. For example, when asking for water, he/she might say: “Do you want some water? ” Naturally, this is the way they are asked what they want, and they then identify themselves as “you”, not “I”. . What are the 5 main symptoms that are hallmarks of an autistic disorder? The five symptoms of autism are severed receptive and expressive language skills, nonverbal communication skills, lack of imaginative play with toys, social perceptual difficulties, and repeated of ridged behaviors. 4. What is the preferred therapeutic intervention in working with children with autism? Early intervention is the preferred method in working with children with autism. 5. What treatments were included in Adam's treatment plan? Three hours of behavior therapy each week. 6.

How did Adam's disorder affect the family structure? Give examples. Adam was getting a lot of attention and his older brother started to resent Adam. Adam parents spent most of their time helping Adam with his therapies. 7. The Autism Society of America site http://www. autism-society. org/ and the National Institute of Mental Health site http://www. nimh. nih. gov/publicat/autism. cfm both give more information regarding autism. How does this relate to Adam and his family? These websites gave more information on what are the signs of autism and the different types of autism.

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