Comparison of New York and Miami

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Comparison of New York and Miami

It is extremely important to properly define the dislocation of headquarter and manufacturing factory. As far as the target audience of the Happy Donut Corporation is the mass market the determination of the average life level, welfare of the population, and the development of the infrastructure play the decisive role in the process of selection the proper city. The following report will discuss between two options – Miami and New York. The main determinants, which will be selected to compare the cities, are the development of the education institutes, mass media, art, and quality of life in general. These determinants were selected in order to measure the consumption level of the population, which directly influences upon the sales amount, and thus income of the Happy Donut Company.

As far as it is the internet research project, the main method to find the necessary information is usage of the search engine. covers the biggest amount of the sites, thus gives the largest amount of information to be choose from. The links given on the sites are used in the project too. The most effective method to compare the determinants listed above is to use the statistical data and official information of the local governmental organizations. Also, it seems easier to search information separately for each city.

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So, the first step is to enter “New York quality of life” into the Among the results there is an option to compare the quality of life between New York City and Miami. Using this tool Miami is the winner, however, this information is based on the visitors’ opinion and under the quality of life the authors mean cities’ attractiveness from the tourist point of view.[1] The next link gives the research conducted by Nathan Kline who developed 17 factors, which determine the quality of life. Among those the related one is economic well-being, which shows that previous year indexes show the decline of poverty and unemployment rates, together with the increasing of average real-wage and employment rates.[2] However, there should be the explanation why the native New Yorkers leave the city if the economic rates increase and government reports about positive dynamics in city development. The first contra reason to New York is 9/11 events and their consequences. People still experience the scare to move, work, and live freely in this city, which, of course, have the negative influence upon the doing business. As a pro to New York, there should be stated that there is tendency in the declining of criminal rate as well as the overall development of many neighborhoods in the outer boroughs[3].

Having enough information about general quality of life in New York, we can discuss particularly about some main issues.  The site includes the list of the most useful links. According to the official web-site of New-York State Education Department there are 27 K- 12 schools[4]. Besides, there are 92 higher educational establishments in New York, among them there are 67 four-year level and 25 two-year level. The biggest sector is the independent one (50 colleges and universities), and CUNY and proprietary sectors (each contains 19 colleges and universities.) New York is considered as the one of the art capitals of the world as far as the great amount of theatres, museums, cinemas, and permanent exhibitions are located in the city, which results in the constant development of the culture and art. Besides, New York is the centre of the journalistic community, and the most respectable printed media are released here, including such monster as New York Times. There are about 60 AM and FM radio stations.[5]

         The next step in the research is looking for the same data about Miami in order to compare it with New York. Miami is considered to be the most multiethnic and multicultural areas in the world. However, the economic situation and indexes are quite stable during last years. Besides, the cost of living in comparison with New York is much lower (113.1 in opposite to 175.) New Yorkers suffer from the high taxation whereas in Miami the sales tax is lower than the national average one, and besides, there is no state and local income taxes. Concerning education, it should be mentioned that there 20 K-12 schools with total number of students around 73,000. The amount of higher educational establishments is around 70. Miami also develops in cultural sense, and it should be stated that due to the huge mix of the cultures Miami differs from New York. The leading musical organizations include New World Symphony, Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, and so on. Among the biggest theatres The Actors Playhouse, Florida Shakespeare Theatre, and Coconut Groove Playhouse should be mentioned. The health care sector is also well developed – there are 28 hospitals with 32,000 licensed health care professionals[6]. Of course, the mass media is not as developed as it is in New York; the most popular are Miami News Times, Miami Herald, Miami Community Newspaper, and South Beach Magazine[7].

         After giving just the facts about two cities, it is needed to interpret them and to bring the reasons for the choice. As it was said, the reason for choosing particularly these determinants is to determine the average consumption ability. The discussion of the quality of life gives the opportunity to measure current ability to consume, and the education indexes and statistical data shows the potential positive dynamics in development. Taxation is also a very important indicator while deciding about the place to run business.

In my opinion, Miami should be choose for the new headquarter and manufacturing factory location. One of the main reasons is the safety and security, and thus stability issue. New York remains an attractive target for terrorism acts taking in the consideration the fact that the war in Iraq continues. Besides, Miami has low taxes compare to New York, together with lower cost of living, which means lower cost of rent, utilities, and thus overall expenses of the future headquarter and factory. Of course, the development of the mass media, including radio, magazines, newspapers, and TV is much higher in New York, but it is not so important issue for the company, which produces donuts. To enter the new already fully developed market as the New York one is harder than Miami one as far as in New York there is products’ over consumption, and thus needless of new players, whereas in Miami there are opportunities to develop. Considering the fact that 80% of high school graduates continue their education in Miami higher establishment means that there is an opportunity to get educated personnel, which is also important in the light of the development of The Happy Donut Company. New York seems to be more risky to run business and relocate there assets and people in contrast to Miami.


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