Statement of Purpose for a Structural Engineering Masters Program

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Last Updated: 21 Apr 2023
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I must be 8 years old when my family moved from our village to the town where I saw pitched roads, bridges and concrete buildings. This intrigued me to ask my parents about it. Seeing my curiosity, they replied with just a word i.e. engineering. That's the first time ever I knew about engineering, to some extent, though. Later, while watching documentaries about megastructures on National Geographic, my curiosities became clear and I was amazed by the fact that human minds can accomplish such feats. Ever since, I had a zeal to be a part of Engineering, especially Civil. Turning your imagination to a reality is such an extraordinary feeling.

With clear determination, I enrolled at Western Region Campus, Tribhuvan University for my undergraduate study in Civil Engineering. Subjects like Strength of Materials, Structure I&II, Design of RCC structures, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering helped to understand the multi- prospect of Structural Engineering. Courses on Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures made me aware about the effects of earthquake vibrations in structures. This study unfolded numerous questions about the science behind megastructures and provoked my interest towards their study even more.

The project work entitled "Detailed Structural Analysis and Design of Multi-Storied Commercial Building" during the final year assisted me to develop a better insight about theories of structures and their field applications. The project stood as a perfect platform to learn about software like SAP2000 which I used to perform seismic analysis of structural components made of RCC and to design them seismically resistant as per Indian Standard (IS) Building Codes. In addition, presentations on topics like "Structural Damage due to Soft and Weak Storey Effects", "Lesson learned from Gorkha Earthquake (April 25, 2015), etc. helped me to learn the reasons behind structural failures.

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Besides academics, my involvement in social works like blood donation, volunteering, etc. and on-job field experiences have helped to develop practical skills, mass communication skills and to learn from mistakes. While working as a survey engineer under Nepal Reconstruction Authority for 50 days, I conducted the damage and safety assessment of more than 400 houses in Makwanpur district and provided necessary technical suggestions. Apart from this, I have done design and analysis of several earthquake resistant residential buildings as a freelancer for a quite some time.

What drives me to seek in-depth knowledge about Structural Engineering is that from a house of cards to the skyscrapers, the basic science of interaction of loads and forces remains almost the same. However, a small blow of breath collapses the house of cards while long-standing skyscrapers remain untouched even by powerful earthquakes and other factors. The knowledge and technical skills of a structural engineers to bring the creativity of an architect into reality excites me. This motivated me to seek further in the field of Structural Engineering.

As a citizen of a country that lacks professionals to contribute in infrastructure development, career in civil engineering is moreover a necessity than merely a passion. And, when the earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck on 25th April 2015, Nepal faced one of the greatest catastrophes of the century. It killed nearly 9000 people and injured three times as many. However, such a large casualty was mostly due to shoddy construction methods than just the earthquake. It shows how pivotal are proper designing and construction works to safeguard life of people in Nepal. This dreadful event added even more responsibility and fueled me with determination to gain mastery over the subjects like Structural

Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering to contribute in building a safe and sound structure. Also, National Building Code of Nepal lacks strong rules and it is not implemented properly in many parts of the country. I want to make contribution in upgrading its efficacy and proper application, once I become capable enough.

To do so, I require a more specialized education in structural engineering and designing. I strongly believe, few years back from this date, my skills, research and work experiences will play a significant role in shaping my career towards professionalism in structural engineering so that I can contribute my best for the development of my country. Developing safe and sustainable infrastructures around my nation can be the best thing I can ever dream of.

Therefore, MS in Structural Engineering is the obligatory first stride towards executing this pursuit. Surfing through the internet to find the perfect match for my career aspirations, I came to know about this course at your university which I find suitable to get in-depth knowledge regarding Structural Engineering and its areas. Sophisticated facilities and exposure to dynamic research environment are the prime reasons that I want to pursue my Graduate Studies at XXX University. It would be ideal if I could be considered for the position of research assistant that will provide me wide exposure to current issues and allow me to sort them out.

I believe, the graduate study I am intending to attend at your university will be the perfect place to excel my educational career and I shall make the best out of it. I believe my academic credentials; test scores and work experiences fill up the requirements needed. I am looking forward to your consideration regarding my application. I can't wait to be the part of your university.

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