A Society Is Influenced More by Show Then by Substances.

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A society is influenced more by show then by substances. Our world is the world of Glamour . Our society is composed by peoples who just sees as things are shown to them. They dont have time and energy to study or analyse things. Media has a big hand in influencing people. They put things in different perspectives,so that we get easily influenced by the way they inform about the event. As our eyes see,they transfer it to rain and our brain takes first decision depending upon data sent by our eyes. We may also use previous experiences and knowledge about substances but for new entity we are depending on media or internet. So now-a-days people's judgement is based on what they see. I will narrate my experience with a phrase 'Ignorance is bliss',which means-'Not knowing is better than knowing and worrying. I think it has more to do with the economy & governmental control.

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People are bogged down economically ,so fewer people have the energy or time to fight for what is right. So many of them just choose to believe what ever is in front of them. The one's who refuse to believe whatever the government or the media feeds them are regarded as "conspiracy fanatics". We are bound to believe the government & media. Getting to the very core ,substances usually takes a lot of work and time. It is also very unpleasant. We can say It's just easier to live in ignorance.

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