A Review of the French Restaurant, L’entrecote

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L'entrecote restaurant

le relais de l'entrecote or L’Entrecote is a French restaurant that been famous of the special steak and the sauce with French fries. Gineste De Saurs family owns the restaurant. The name l'entrecote is the famous name for the three group of the restaurant, and the names of the group are: L’Entrecote Porte-Maillot, le relais de l'entrecote and L'Entrecote Saint-Germain. L'Entrecote Porte-Maillot branches are in London, Bahrain and New York. Le relais de l'entrecote branches are in Paris and Geneva. L’Entrecote Saint-Germain branches are in the middle east in each of Kuwait, Doha, Dubai, Beirut, Riyadh and one in Hong Kong, l'entrecote group restaurant also open branches just called L’Entrecote and it’s open in each of Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nantes.

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L'entrecote restaurant is one of my favorite restaurant, and I was so happy when I tried in my country wherever in Riyadh or in Jeddah, now the branch in Jeddah is closed. However, Why l'entrecote restaurant wasn't success in Jeddah, and it' success in Riyadh? And what are the things that change in the restaurant in Saudi Arabia?
For opining any restaurant the location, services, facilities, good managing, perfect food, advertising, all these reasons can make any restaurant from bad or normal to great, and make the people come to this restaurant wherever it's open, and that what make the branch in Riyadh success.

First branch in Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi Arabia, open in one of the most important places in Riyadh, which is in faisaliah tower, very nice view, valet parking the gate of the restaurant is separate from the mall, very good marketing, also, the opening of the restaurant take a huge part in media. However, the branch in Jeddah the location might be fine, but there were noting written that shows that this is the l'entrecote restaurant. The media show noting about the restaurant. There is many people that love l'entrecote restaurant, they weren't even know that it's open in Jeddah. The test was very good but the service wasn’t in expectation. I think for that the restaurant closed in Jeddah.
There is other opinion said that because the Riyadh is the capital, so it have all the embassies. I don't agree with this opinion. Because Jeddah might have more international people, not just because consulates but also because Jeddah is the gate of the holy mosques as many people said about it. So people came from every nation to do the Pilgrimage, and they should stop first in Jeddah. Also, many business people consider Jeddah is the Economical city in Saudi Arabia.
Also, there is another opinion said that sometime restaurant like I'entrecote should just been open in the capital for each country to make be sure that it will successes, and an example for this in Lebanon, L'Entrecote restaurant open two branches in Beirut, which is the capital of Lebanon. But I also don’t agree with this opinion. And an example for that, in Switzerland the restaurant open in Bern the capital of Switzerland and it's also open in Geneva. And both of these branches are very perfect. So it doesn't matter if the restaurant will be in the capital of not.

What are the things that change in I'entrecote restaurant in Saudi Arabia; as any other bussnnies, I'entrecote restaurant should be Conform with the specifications that Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) put it, and sometime The Consultative Assembly put it. So the I'entrecote restaurant will not sell any wines, because in Saudi Arabia there is no purchasing wine in public. In addition, when you are in the I'entrecote restaurant in Saudi Arabia you can order ketchup, but if you are in the French branch or the any branch in Switzerland you couldn't.

When I visited the branch in New York in 2013, I asked the waiter for ketchup, and he bring it to me.
L'entrecote restaurant is one of the most successes restaurant in the world. However, it’s not success in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia because many reasons, they open the restaurant in Jeddah for short time, they didn't advertising for it, wasn't any facility like valet parking, service wasn't expected. In addition, the things that change in l'entrecote restaurant in Saudi Arabia are, no wine selling and you can order ketchup.

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