A Restaurant Review of P&P Hunan Chinese Restaurant

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The restaurant my best friend and I went to was called P&P Hunan Chinese Restaurant. It is located on the corner of Britain and Laurel Ave in San Carlos, California. P&P Hunan have opened up for about two and a half years the restaurant has already become a very popular place to eat in San Carlos. The word “Hunan” comes from a name of a provenience in Southeast China which people live in. Hunan food is known for making their food very spicy. This restaurant by itself is the size of an average ten by twelve room that would be in your home, but the important thing about this place is that the food is excellent not the way the place looks. You can’t judge anything without trying it.

My friend and I went to this restaurant for lunch on a Wednesday September 30, 1998 and it was a very memorable experience. We walked in and the waitress gave us a table and we sat down where she wanted us to sit. The place was quite small like I mentioned before so there were not many options to choose your seats. On the table there were beautiful flowers in a small vase, there was also salt and pepper on the sides of the flowery vase. The waitress came to take our order. I ordered my usual dish Kung Pou Chicken with steamed rice which had to be extra spicy hot, and my friend had ordered Black Bean Sauce Chicken he also liked it very spicy.

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We also had two cokes. I noticed that the waitress did not know much English, or she did not know it enough, so it took her few seconds to understand our order. As we were waiting for our meal, I began to examine the restaurant’s atmosphere and looking at the various things that this place was decorated with in. There was a painting of something that I couldn’t make out with its meaning, but it was written in Chinese. Then I saw another similar picture that was located on another wall which had about the same resemblance as the one earlier and I saw a little statue of a cat made of clay I believe it represented good luck for the Chinese people.

We had finally got our food after waiting for about fifteen minutes. I was very eager to eat it quickly because I didn’t have any breakfast. God I was hunger. When our dishes arrived, I was in a state of shock. I looked at the luscious crispy onions, that were simmering on top of the spicy red pepper sauce with the boneless pieces of chicken which was each cut in same size as if it was a standard to cut them that way. Then I noticed various vegetables that were in my dish I saw green bell peppers, water chestnuts and my “eye popping” red peppers that were in my dish. I looked at my bowl of steam rice, I noticed the nicely decorated the bowl with Chinese scripture.

When I opened the bowl, I got a nice rush of steam blowing into my face from rice it felt like I was in “heaven.” My friend had already started to eat his food while I was examining my food and enjoying every sparing moment with it. I began to mix the rice with the Kung Pou Chicken and began to indulge on my meal with great ease. The food was just right and exactly the way I wanted to be with just the right amount of spice and flavor. My friend was a fast eater, so he was done a lot quicker with his dish than I was, so I took my time and enjoyed my meal. I began to sweat on my forehead quite heavily because the food was spicy and hot, but it was tasty.

When I was done with my lunch, I felt like I had accomplished a great feat and I’m still wondering the reasons that I felt this way. We were both done, and we had asked the waitress for the bill. The cost was $4.96 and so I paid her six dollars with tip and everything.

I asked the waitress if they had a business card and she said she did and gave me the card.

My friend and I were so filled with the food it were like we had gone to eat the best food in our life. The food was great, service was excellent, atmosphere was small but comfortable, and the price was reasonably well.

Rating of the Restaurant: P&P Hunan Chinese Restaurant Service: ****

Atmosphere: **1/2

Price (Per Person): *****

Overall: ****1/2
* = Bad Price- $5.00- 10.00 = *****

** =Okay $10.00- 15.00 = ****

*** = Good $15.00- 20.00 = ***

**** =Very Good $20.00- 25.00 = **
***** = Excellent $25.00- 30.00 = *

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