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Indochine is the name of the film. The film takes place in the 1930s. (when Vietnam was owned by France) The film is historical, and very dramatic. There are three maln people. There is a woman named Eliane Devries. There is a vietnamese girl named Camille. There Is a young man named Jean-Baptise. Ellane adopted Camille when Camille was very young. The film has a lot of themes. In my opinion the relationship with Elaine and Camille Is supposed to be symbolic of the relatlonshlp between France and French Indo-China.

Also, at the core of this story is the theme of unity and oing things for the greater good. People who watch the film can see how individuals working as a unit can alter the course of history. Not only Is there an overall theme In the movie, but there are themes for each individual character. Madame Devries owns and operates a large rubber plantation In Indochina that employs many indentured laborers. Eliane is not married. Eliane raises Camille as her own daughter.

She adopted Camille as a young child, after her parents were killed in a car crash. Eliane lives with her father. She sees herself as an Asian, born n her father's estates, never having been to France, but the Vietnamese see her somewhat differently. Ellane considers Indo-chlna as much her home as It Is for the anonymous laborers who work on her plantation. She Is not cruel, but she is tough and treats the local workers like second class citizens. In my opnion the character of Madame Ellane Devries has three main themes.

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First, I feel like her character symbolizes the French colonialists through out the film. she a powerful woman. she also has power over tons of Vietnamese people. Her character is the most powerful one in the film. Second, I think that Eliane has a lot of weaknesses. She falls in love with the wrong man, Jean-Baptiste. He left the relationship because he was In love with her daughter. She also has an addiction to opium. Often seeking solace in somking a pipe. After doing research I learned the story behind her demeanure. he Is forsty and beautiful Ilke the statue of Marianne, the official symbol of the French Republic. This is also more proof in my theory of her representing

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