A Report on My Ideas of What an American Is and What It Means to Be an American

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My English teacher and fellow peers will remain the audience of this essay. The readers are familiar with the topic "what is an American?' They have read, analyzed, and discussed articles on “what is and American” with each other and the teacher. Readers may disagree with my thesis that Americans value rights and liberty and having the characteristics of being independent and being helpful. If the readers believe in other values and characteristics, then they will dispute my thesis. Those who also believe that Americans do not have rights may also fault with my thesis statement. In order to overcome the biases of the audience, I explain my ideas by providing examples and details to support my topic. By explaining my ideas and providing supportive details, I can overcome biases. I incorporate quotes and examples from life experiences and online helping sites to support my ideas. In order to persuade the readers to agree with my thesis, I argue my point deductively. I think this strategy will overcome the biases.

An American is not who you are but what you are about. Not where you come from, but who you came to be. How you live your life and contribute to this country. One who comes from all different parts of the world and speaks many languages (metaphorically.) An American is one who expresses freedom of speech, religion, press, petition of government, and to assemble. There are many important values, and characteristics of being American.

A positive value of being American would be the rights that ever man, woman, and child in America are granted and cannot be taken away. “This being the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments) which has been added to the end of the constitution on December 15", 1791” (Unknown, 1). The most important rights that are granted to Americans would be freedom of speech, press, religion, petition of government, and to assemble. Not all countries have rights just as Americans do, making it an important value to us. As being compared to England who is "a monarchy country unlike the U.S who are a republic; causing England to be ruled under a queen and America under a president" (William, 2). In addition, the freedom of religion is valuable to every one person in America. Whether they are Catholic, Hindu, or even Atheist. We as Americans have that special right to believe in anything we wish to believe in. This states that the citizens have great values toward rights.

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Along the same lines, we also value liberty. "It is the state of being free. It only exists where government is limited” (Roberts, 1). Hence, the United States of America where the "government keeps out of our finances, homes, and business" (Harrison 1). Unlike other countries, for example, "Russians during the Soviet war, who were censored" (Unknown, 1). By having the governments keep out, it allows us to be a free country. Therefore making liberty an important value to citizen in the United States of America; even if certain Americans do not realize it now.

Furthermore, one of the most important characteristics of being an American is being independent. Americans are known to respect and value it. “From learning from our bitter lessons very quickly and thoroughly and on our own, we've become an independent nation" (Unknown, 1). When our nation is brought down by another country, we get back up on our feet with the help of our own people and become stronger. "For example, when 9/11 occurred, it was a very big downfall for America with a fatality number of 2,996 people" (Unknown, 1). Americans were outraged and turned their back on every Muslim out there. Once we knew this was wrong, we forgave moved on, and became a stronger nation and a more secure nation than before. It is past events like this that have made our country independent. In Addition, Americans are also known for helping nations who seek help. This characteristic of us is great to have because once we have helped a nation; they will willingly help us if we ask for a hand. For example, the South and North Korean war. South Korea seeked help to make North Korea non-communist with the help of America. Till this day, Americans are standing at the 38th parallel (division of South and North Korea) helping protect Southern Korea. Americans of the modern day contribute to their country and help those in need. Being American does not mean “being born in America” as many people may say. An American is one who comes or already lives in America and thrives for the best life any man or woman can ask for. Some of those Americans being Michael Phelps, who won many gold medals for his country, Bill Gates who took a step massive step in computer technology, Albert Einstein who took science to a new level, etc. An American is also granted rights, given liberty, and pursuits in life for the better of themselves and others. It's our past experiences and observations that have molded America as it is today. As Americans, we understand that achieving the best in life requires risk. Thus explaining, "What is an American?”

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