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A question arises as to how governments

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Employment is important for every individual. Employment is a source of income whether it is a private job or a government job. Depending on education, experience and caliber, individuals are offered jobs in specific cadres. Every job carries certain responsibilities whether it is a labor job, clerical job or a senior management job.

There are certain management principles that are required to be practiced  for every employee at every level of job functioning. Government and businesses cannot function without people and in fact efficient employees are the greatest asset for organizations to grow towards profit and development. A question arises as to how governments have a role to play in private sector.

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A question arises as to how governments

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The answer to this question is, in order to bring transparency in private sector businesses, there are certain legal enactments i.e. Employment relations Act 2004, Companies Act, Corporate Insolvency Law and many other legal rules for every purpose of public or private sector.  These enactments contain rules and regulations which can be referred whenever there is a requirement for fulfilling a provision.

For instance Employment Relations Act 2004 states about employee and employer relations and how these have to be maintained which is required to be followed by both private sector and public sector, which reduces a number of conflicts and disputes that could occur without these legal rules.

The relation of employee and employer is slightly a difficult task to manage with, and at one point of time, appears much easier depending on the situation.  However, every employee and employer have to be careful with the jobs being held with in respective organizations.

There are many human resource management books which detail and discuss about employee and employer relations within office environment as well with office related aspects of management. Management of relation involves both personal manners as well treating others with respect.

In management, there are also barriers of culture, origin of a person and much in respect of working environment. Especially in industrial sector, where there are quite a number of workers and who carry grievances or demands in paying high salaries, asking for more number of leisure hours or bonus payments etc., The skill and efficiency of management is evident in handling trade unions of industries.

Trade unions are very tough to deal with and when the demands of union are not met with, closure of factories, stopping production or working on strike, or slow production and such other activities are undertaken. Therefore, management of industries have to be extremely careful with industrial workers.

Governments in order to assist industries have enacted Employment Relations Act 2004. This Act specially deals with labor laws and trade union rights.   UK government also introduced Employment Bill 2007 – 2008 which covers all aspects of employment law. This would further improve the effectiveness of employment law which would benefit employers, trade unions, individuals and public sector.  It also protects workers and encourages law-abiding businesses.

Dispute resolutions is one area which is always required in workplaces.  In this regard, the Bill details about statutory procedures and related provisions about dismissal cases.  Apart from the above, the Bill clarifies about National Minimum Wage and which imposes penalties on non-compliance methods in respects of payment of salaries, calculation of arrears and also strengthens employment agencies.

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