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International governments

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It has been realized at GM that there is a need to generate a marketing message that can be in line with target audience in many different countries thereby ensuring that increased consumers can be reached. Based on this belief richer consumers are now being targeted in the Middle East. These days some American automobile companies are down regulating international operations in various international countries. On the contrary Europe is the target market for GM to reach all levels of consumers. Eastern Europe regions have been the main targets as these countries have been less affluent.

In spite of the fact, Chevrolet has shown a great response as in 2009; more than 450,000 Chevrolet cars were sold showing a great increase in growth (Tallman 67). Variations and innovations have been used in the branding strategies used by GM. In one case, in 2009, marketing strategy for Chevrolet Dream Garage involved consumers in a direct manner. In order to reach a great number of consumers, more than 11 European markets were reached with a card that asked consumers to enlist the Chevrolets they would like to own.

The response was greater than anticipated and more than a million respondents, as a return, were posted a CD of pop music with chart buster songs. On the other hand, some of the main strategies that have been implemented by GM include

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a. Shortening production times and improving product portfolios.

b. Special focus has been given to product initiatives with a focus on newer and innovative products that can help in improving performance in the markets.

c. There is a need to introduce a new product line up that are more challenging in accordance with the designs and engineering. For these purposes it has been seen that state of the art engineering campuses have been built that have promised to produce highly engineered products within a short time period of 24 hours. Some of these innovations have grabbed attention of the consumers in North American International Auto Show in Detroit and these included cars, trucks, concept cars and hybrids.

These products are in fact a proof of engineering marvels that have been used to create innovative vehicles.

4. Managing Global Work Force Recent studies have shown that more than 5% of global workforce is employed in international organizations. Thereby competition in global organization is more defined by competing for top notch talent. In order to operate in a global environment it is necessary to maintain a global workforce. It has been realized by GM that it needs to maintain a diverse workplace.

These diverse workplaces can be a solution to a diverse global market in which customers are now becoming increasingly demanding. These diverse workplaces are defined by certain well defined characteristics that include international supply chains, business partnerships, maintaining relationships with international governments and keeping community based relationships with international businesses (Freeland 67). At General Motors, diverse workplace has been realized as an important factor to be successful and this belief is associated with a set of reasons.

a. In order to attract, motivate and retain the most skilled and talented workforce, creating and managing diversity at a workplace has been considered important. Thereby in the presence of a diverse workplace, each and every employee will have his or her chance to contribute his or her skills when needed.

b. It has been realized at GM that diversity at workplaces plays important roles in recognizing and responding to the changing customer needs.

It has been considered important in international marketplaces that require more creativity, innovation and flexibility that can be the main fuels of success. These innovations and flexibility when exhibited in the products cane ensure an increase in the consumer base.

c. It has been realized at GM that diverse workplaces can help in maintaining important cross cultural relationships with international governments for future negotiations and understanding. These and international business community relationships can ensure success in earning license to operate in different countries for business. Interesting article Deronde International

On the other hand, other side of picture is more important to realize an importance of managing culturally diverse workforce. Talents and skills are independent of cultures and borders thereby there is a possibility that in the face of not maintaining diverse workforce, talent and skills will be wasted with no possibility of an integration of innovation and talent in the final products not being able to attract enough customers causing a failure in business deals and no support from international governments.

Thereby managing cross cultural workplace is a must for businesses that dream success. A large number of resources are spent by a company in order to carry out research on various segmented groups of consumers reflecting diverse needs that are more reflective of the culture that surrounds them. Thereby cross cultural training of managers within GM has been considered important and necessary in order to conclude the demand and needs of cross cultural customers.

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