A Proposal for the Improvement of the Schengen Agreement

Last Updated: 22 Mar 2023
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The Schengen agreement allows for the member countries to work together not only in politics and economy, but also money, justice, and foreign affairs. Although providing each other with resources and help does not seem to be very problematic; however, the “open border policy" in the Schengen Agreement is problematic because it allows individuals to travel from one country in the EU to another without a passport or identity card. The "open border policy" has proved to be beneficial to the citizens of the EU thus far, but with the Syrian refugee crisis bringing in an enormous amount of immigrants, it seems like a change is necessary. The Schengen agreement will have to be reformed, but not gone completely because of the multitudinous benefits European states gain with it.

Many countries are concerned about the security threat that comes along with the refugee crisis, and they also realize that the Schengen agreement is just making matters worse. BBC News reports, the Paris attacks in November caused by terrorists who had so easily slipped into Paris from Belgium, and that some had entered the EU with crowds of migrants via Greece.

This is especially alarming to the people living in the EU because the killers were able to disguise themselves as refugees in order to make their way into Paris. Even though the refugees will probably not cause a security threat, the Syrian operative claimed that more than 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen have already been smuggled – hidden among innocent refugees, according to CNN. Because of the severe security threat that comes with the refugees, the Schengen Agreement needs to be reformed so there is more border control.

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The Schengen Agreement also needs to be reformed so that the EU can distribute the refugees evenly in each country. With a massive amount of refugees coming into one country, the countries are going to face economic hardships. Because Greece is close to the Middle Eastern countries, they are getting the majority of the refugees and as a result, so their economy has collapsed.

Economists say that overall, it is usually contended that the 'costs' of refugees on their hosts - rising food and commodity prices, the depression of local wage rates, fiscal pressures, increasing environmental degradation – outweigh other micro- and macro-economic benefits. The impact of this is that the host country's economy goes down, and the country becomes more in debt, because of refugees. If we limited the number of refugees in each country with security checks then the economic problem will be solved.

The Syrian refugee crisis put the Schengen agreement on hot water. The countries taking in the most refugees agree that something needs to happen soon to end the conflict. If the Schengen agreement were to be reformed so that each country would take in an amount in proportion to their size, and also heighten border control and security checks, we would still be aiding the refugees and also not be harmed from terrorists or economically.

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