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A Narrative of the Memories the Photography of My Tennis Picture Reminds Me

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The photograph of my tennis picture brings back many memories. From the beginning to the end I remember every little story of what happened during our matches and practices. I started tennis my ninth grade year, from there I progressed into a very skilled player throughout my high school years. In this picture none of us are paying attention because not only did we have our goofy moments, but it was also serious too. The photograph of my tennis team reminds me of how they were my second family, my dedication to the team, and determination.

The first thing that I think of when I look at the picture is my family from the tennis team. They were like my second family because I was with them so much that we all got really close and always hung out. I was with them everyday and we hung out every weekend. We had a lot of goofy times at practice with the coach getting mad at us, but in the end we would all have a good laugh because we couldn't stay mad at each other. From practices to our games there was no difference. We had trouble in some of our matches but it didn't matter to us. We were a family, wins and losses wouldn't ever break us apart. Each one would contribute to the team to make us stronger as a family, but also as an individual.

Another memory the picture reminds me of is my dedication to the team. I was always on time to practice and I would even arrive 3 hours before practice. I would go in early before practice because I had one thing set in mind, and that was to achieve success. You don't achieve success just by doing the minimum; you achieve success by doing more than what you're supposed to do. That's what I had in mind, the pursuit of perfection. I was dedicated to become a great player not only for me, but for the team.

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The final memory that comes to mind when I see this photo is my determination. "Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose”, this phrase means a lot to me and the whole tennis team. Clear eyes, meaning you will go out there with a positive outlook towards the game no matter what kind of situation you're in or who you're going against. Full heart, you will put down everything during a match. You don't give a hundred percent; you give a hundred and ten percent.  Can't lose, with both of those combined I can only say one thing, you won't ever lose. Knowing that you went in there with a positive outlook and a full heart to play with, you should always be proud because in the end you could never lose with that.

From that phrase it's quite easy to achieve goals that you have placed down for yourself. Goals aren't always easy to come by; you'll have challenges ahead of you which take critical thinking depending on what kind of situation you're in, but in the end thinking positive helps out in any given situation. My determination consists of these things even if challenges lie in my way I am always determined to find a way to get past them.

In conclusion, the photograph of my tennis team brings back many fond memories of how the tennis team was my second family, my dedication to the team, and my determination to achieve my goals. Whenever I look at my tennis team picture, I will always remember those things. They will stay with me forever and I could put what I've learned there into something else like college. Living the memories, is something I am still living right now. All the hard work that I've put in there will carry on into something else, and maybe one day just like how I put all that time into tennis, someday it will match up to college or my career and make something beautiful out of it.

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