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Photography Analysis Year

Essay Topic:

This image by Sarah Ann Loretta can be described as a woman slowly drowning g in water .What makes this image stand out is the atmosphere that is being portrayed in it.It’s a moody and dark atmosphere that creates the massive impact in the image.

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There are 3 factors that create the mood. The expression on the woman’s face, the lighting and droplets of rain within the image. The photograph has a low depth of field as it is only focusing on the woman’s face.

It was taken in landscape format to show the length of the woman’s body and this was a v ere good effect as it enhances the atmosphere within the image. This was done by creating a liar GE amount of space around the model and giving the photograph a moody and lonely ape arrange. Keeping the position of the model in the centre it creates the mood that nothing is are undo her which sustains the mood of the photograph. The colors of the photograph is mixed between whites,greens and blacks. Tit the background on the photograph being very dark and murky, Loretta enlarges the mood of the photograph by contrasting the model’s clothe Eng to an innocent white, and with the model’s serious expression with big, deep almost sorrows LU eyes has brought the image together. HTTPS://www. Licker. Com/photos/laurelling/8637194920/ This is a photograph by Laura Galena and it’s called “facing it calmly”. The pH autograph shows a woman in a red dress walking through a dull forest.

This image stands out du e to the contrasting colors between the bright red color of the woman’s dress and the dull brow won colors. The photograph is taken in landscape format to accentuate the size of the backer mound which creates a mood towards the photograph. It has a high depth of field showing the ammo unit Of detail around the whole image. Candela used natural light to show the contrasting red dress .

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