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Monsters in Our Society

Essay Topic:

Today’s society we have a lot of “monsters” such as robbers, rapists, and killers.That poses as the kind of monsters that put us in harms way.Main reasons as to why we have these monsters are greed.

Each generation changes though there can be more or less monsters in every generation.

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But there are always some crazy, wild, psychotic people. Killers are the biggest threats to humans. Because it could be the most original and boring person ever who turns out to be the killer.The biggest monsters in our society are the killers and greedy people. A lot of people’s lives are at risk everyday. Nobody can trust a random stranger, or even a family, or friend.

Television shows, and movies, show the killer as either a psychotic person in a unique way. When it really could be anybody, they are just more brilliant on how to deceit people. Mind is set differently because of there past experiences or history. Grendel was a wild beast and hated happiness.And when he heard laughing and joy, something set him off on a killing spree. In a way every killer goes through that process of thinking about something and a spot gets triggered. Besides the killers there are greed, there is so much greed in the world.

It’s the biggest monster, and it turns everybody into one too. Nobody can escape from being one, because the sense of not sharing and wanting more money triggers us. As result they either live in a life full of regret and sorrow.Or in their life nothing goes right for the monsters because they are in such madness and chaos. Because no mater how small or big the monster is it’s life will be a sad and tragic. In conclusion being a terrorizing, horrible monster leads to a life of sadness. Overall the two main monsters in our society are the killer, and the greedy people who don’t like to share.

Each monster is different in a way, but at the end of the day our lives are being changed because of what they do.

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