Just Take Away Their Guns

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In Willow's essay about gun control, the focus is on figuring out a way to remove Illegal guns from the street, and gang members to prevent more deaths of innocent people. Wilson focus's on how adding more restrictions in regards to purchasing a gun will not stop the mass murders, or even Illegal guns. So it is pointless to Increase the amount of gun control when It comes to purchasing guns legally.

Although Wilson Is for less gun control, he does a very good Job of expressing each side of the arguments flaws, even his own. I personally don't see the need for guns In the home f Americans, but I will not be the person who Insists on removing all guns entirely, when I understand those that were obtained legally only use them for recreational use, not to murder and kill Innocent people. But something does need to be done about the Illegal guns, but the suggestions that Wilson makes In his essay, are very clear that they will never be come laws.

He Is obviously poking fun at the gun control advocates by suggesting people walking down the street who fit the profile of someone who carries an illegal gun, be searched. It's a ludicrous idea, and not to mention illegal to profile anyone, based on looks alone. Clearly, Willow's suggestions are not legitimate ideas, but I think he is making these comments to prove the American people, especially gun control advocates its not as simple or black and white.

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Eliminating guns is only going to affect people who buy them legally, not those who obtain them illegally, so how will that prevent fewer murders? There isn't a simple answer and I understand that, I wish there was so the amount of people whom, as of lately, seem to be getting killed in mass shooting are suffering at the price of illegal fire arms. Its unfortunate and I agree, but I lack the ability to find a better solution.

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