A Good Parent

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A Good Parent How to be a good parent? During this period, raising children is the most difficult job in the world. But to be a good parent will teach them to become a nice person. So the most important quality of a good parent is being responsible for their children. There are several qualities of a good parent. The three most important qualities of a good parent are express love, helping your children feel safe, and spending a time with your children. The first quality of good parents is express love. A good parent should tell their children that they love them every day.

For example, they express their love by giving lots of hugs and some kisses. A parent should give them more attention and love. Because many children look for this kinds of favor from parents. If a parent expresses love to them then they will get along with their parents. They will start communicating and tell everything to you. Try to love your children completely do not force them to love you. They should be in order to earn your love. For example, let them know that you will always love them no matter what. The second quality of good parents is helping your children feel safe. A good parent should give children some privacy and respect.

For example, if you teach them that you can come to ours room but stay out of line. Also teach them if you enter someone’s room then you cannot look through theirs drawers or read their diary. Do not argue with your spouse while they are sleeping. Because sometimes children may feel worried and scared. So from this they can learn to argue with someone. Therefore show them that when someone argues with them then they can discuss their differences peacefully. A good parent should set boundaries. For example, bedtimes, and curfews so they know that parents care and try to make feel safe by the boundaries.

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The third quality of good parents is spending a time with your children. It is necessary for parents should spend time with children. A parent should take some time from work and spend time with them by attending a school function, do homework with them, and visit their teacher at the open house. If a parent spends time with children they will love it and they will remember that my parents attended my school function. Spend time with children thirty minutes every day. Try to spend time during dinner and talk big and small problems with them. Try to go out for blowing, plan a vacation, a visit to grandparents, and many more things.

By spending time with them they will try to communicate more and tell every big or small problem with you. They also start caring about you and give more respect. The most important thing is to try to forget your job work when you come home. Spend time with your children as much you can. In short, there are several qualities of a good parent. The three most important qualities of a good parent are express love, helping you children feel safe, and spending a time with you children. (need to add final comment in conclusion otherwise everythings is prefect)

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