Being a Good Parent

Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021
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there are a million ways to describe being a good parent. Some of the most important are unconditional love, being able to listen and understand, and being involved in things your child does. Showing your child that you love them is just as important at telling them. A simple hug or words of encouragement can mean the world to a child. Having your child know that even if they make a mistake you'll always love them.

For an example after losing a basketball game in high school I went up to my mom and she hugged me without saying a word, when she did that I felt the love she had for me. Listening and understanding your child is another important characteristic of a good parent. When your child has a problem it could be helpful for them to know that you are available to talk to and offer advice. I'm currently debating on transferring college's, I like being able to talk to my mom about my plans and my future and getting her feedback.

Going to a little league game, or baking cookies for their class bake sale are ways of being involved in things your child does. Helping your child with things like homework, or a big science project are other ways. There’s so many aspects of being a good parent it would be hard to describe in an essay. I just described the basics, unconditional love, the ability to listen, and being involved with your children.

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