A Comparison of Writing Styles in Jane Eyre and Never Let Me Go

Last Updated: 04 Jan 2023
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The writing styles of ane Eyre and Never Let Me Go hold few similarities. Where the former describes settings and actions at length and in-depth, the latter leaves the readers wondering about the workings of the world. Further, ane Eyre is written in the third-person perspective and almost exclusively in the past tense. Never Let Me Go has a not-quite—reliable first-person narrator and is written with extensive use of flashback, thus utilizing the present and past tenses. However, they do have some similarities. The most notable of these is the theme of gazing or watching and hiding or being hidden. in the case of Jane, she was trying to hide in her first home, through the use of the curtain, and later she hid behind herself, so to speak, in the presence of Rochester and other characters.

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She also has, theoretically, the entire world in which to hide—and which she can explore—but she cannot find peace until the very end, and continues her game of hide-and-seek up until the final pages. Kathy H and her childhood friends, namely Ruth and Tommy, also hide, but their entire world is the boarding school Hailsham, a place with more luxury than others comparatively and one for “special children.” They hide from each other, not always in the literal sense—though often for Tommy, a victim of bullying, it was literal—and from their teachers and guardians. Bullying is also something that ps both texts. In ane Eyre, bullying is a theme from the first few pages when John throws a book at the ten—year—old Jane. This continues in a less physical way with Rochester and his emotional and mental abuse of the older and extremely dependent Jane.

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