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Analyze the Jane Eyre Essay Essay

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Jane Eyre While reading this book, the reader may pity Jane. Charlotte Bronte creates a consistent thread until the end of the book. Jane struggles with the same problem throughout the work, which is betrayal. She deals with it a place that was supposed to be her home, school and the work place. Jane Eyre is an orphan adopted by her aunt. Jane is treated very cruel by her aunt her three children. Her aunt, Mrs. Reed, never listened to Jane. Her cousins always tormented her because they knew she would be punished. Her aunt branded her as a liar. Jane’s aunt betrayal only continues when Mr.

Brocklehurst arrives to take Jane away to Lowood School. Mrs. Reed tells Mr. Brocklehurst Jane is a liar and must be watched. Jane still manages to make friends. Helen Burns, her classmate, and Ms. Temple, the superintendent takes the time to get to know Jane. Jane becomes close, maybe somewhat attached to these ladies. Her feelings of betrayal soon reappear. Her best friend Helen dies. Then, Ms. Temple becomes Mrs. Temple and leaves Lowood. The first people that care about Jane leave her. Jane has to grow more into her independence. Jane grows up and moves on to a new place.

She’s given a tutoring job by Mrs. Fairfax. She tutors a young girl, Adele. Mr. Rochester, Adele’s caregiver, has experienced some betrayal too. He was tricked into marrying a mental ill woman. Adele’s mother was very promiscuous and he knows he may not be her father. Jane and Rochester fall in love and get engaged. On the wedding day, she’s informed Rochester is married. This betrayal comes in the form of heartbreak. In throws her in the depth of her despair. Jane was always honest with him but he wasn’t with her. There was an act of betrayal between Rochester and his crazy wife, Bertha.

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The two were still married, yet he was trying to marry another woman while Bertha is living in the basement. That only contributed to her mental illness. Throughout the book, Jane searched for love and acceptance. When the people she expected it from the most let her down, she realized she couldn’t depend on anybody. Jane gained her independence piece by piece throughout the book. She’s outspoken, likes to do for herself, and doesn’t like men doing much for her. She’s the exact opposite of what women supposed to be during the Victorian Age. Jane created her own role.

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