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The difficult system attack can reply both qualitative and quantitative attack. Difficult systems are wholly difficult in nature. This attack can bring forth clear solutions to jobs ( Tutor2u.net, 2014 ) . In Bryan Homes instance, difficult attack is used as the company construct a specialised gross revenues system be puting up a web site that allows floor programs, room’s choice to call a few. There were besides practical walks for the houses. The job that Bryan Homes faced was communicating job. Communication was hapless between regional offices and subdivision offices. It needs a more efficient and streamlined system that can supply efficiency to the concern. .

Today every organisation is looking to make selling of its merchandises to bring forth gross revenues. The competition is immense in the market. In order to vie, organisations have to work truly difficult to convey fruitful consequences to the organisation. There are two market attacks available to take from. One is direct selling attack and the other one is Indirect Check / Audit Systems should be used to supervise the public presentation at the concern theoretical account at each and every degree. It can place the mistakes quickly. These schemes will assist to provide the clients efficaciously. Bryan Homes has developed intranet for accurate flow of information through gross revenues centre. Thirteen regional offices along with one hundred 20 lodging developments will be connected. The web site aims to assist the clients in every possible manner. They are supplying filtrating installation to clients to do best picks. The company is following a direct attack for selling their merchandises. They were a giving a precise information of their merchandises to clients. Bryan Homes besides developed CDS known as, Bryant Homes merchandise portfolio. They were digital portfolios that aimed to steer the clients through the aid of digital booklet. The client can see the room from every zone they desire. They give the clients 3D position of the whole place. The company did monolithic advertisement to increase gross revenues. They are working hard to supply superior client service.

Last, Bryan Homes can make SWOT analysis. It will assist him in analysing the strengths, failing, menaces and chances. This will be used to reflect the internal and external elements in the company. This information will be used to run into organisation ends and public presentation. The company can utilize its strengths to get the better of the menaces and failing. Company will seek to extinguish its failing with the aid of its employees.

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Soft System

Soft system attacks is used in organisations to undertake mussy state of affairss. With the usage of soft attack, the organisation can cover the jobs easy. There are seven phases of SSM that the organisation needs to implement. SSM can convey one concluding solution for the job ( Answers.com, 2014 ) that is faced by the company.

We are implementing seven phases of SSM attack on Bryant Homes for measuring their selling scheme.

Phase 1- the state of affairs is problematic– Unstructured

Bryant Homes is one of the biggest names in the existent estate industry. The company has 1000s of installed computing machines to remain in touch with clients. Its set up is immense and about 1000s of computing machines are installed for maintain effectual communicating between subdivisions and regional caput offices. It besides has online and offline systems. All these system are used to increase the efficiency of the concern.

However company is still making everything to increase client satisfaction. Customer is still incognizant of client likes and penchants. This issue is unstructured because client gustatory sensation and penchants change with the transition of clip. Today, clients demand quality and quality service. They want to be satisfied to the full before buying any merchandise. Furthermore, the company has to besides concentrate on its employees to increase net income for the organisation. Employees are biggest plus of any organisation. The company must work to run into intrinsic demands of clients. Furthermore Bryant Homes have to develop strong flow of information between its 13 regional offices and 120 lodging developments. The flow of information must be error free and accurate. The system must be protected from external influence every bit good as internally. The system besides requires security and must be protected from all kinds of dangers. The system must give employees to print proclamations, intelligence, personal information and vacancies easy.

To sum up, Bryant places need an effectual system than can let the circulation of informations easy. The system must be efficient in covering with clients petitions through all manners. It must be upgraded with the transition of clip. The company must make a web site that has all characteristics of E commercialism and has high quality 3D graphic to capture customer’s attending.

Phase 1: Rich image

Our analysis has shown that Bryant Homes need a strong cyberspace and intranet system that can hike the concern procedure at every section in the organisation. The system will supply strong connexion between each and every section ( Armson et al 2005 ) .

The waiter will supply all indispensable information to the sections. You can entree informations and other relevant information easy. Questionnaires and studies can assist the organisation to cognize about their demands or any jobs they are confronting. For clients, you can besides utilize soft and difficult system approaches to cognize their likes and penchants.

Phase 3: Relevant system with Root Definition:

The root definition can easy place IT construction of the company. The system should guarantee quality to increase gross revenues. Customers demand choice otherwise they will look for other option. Therefore, the system should advertise the trade name and advance the trade name expeditiously. This will better client satisfaction. The system will run into the client demands by leting them to seek the merchandises of their pick. The Bryant Homes aims to make effectual inexpensive communicating system that will ease the employees every bit good as clients through cyberspace.


C “customers of the system” : consumers are interested to purchase the belongingss of Bryant Homes through web site or merchandise portfolio. Customers use these medium to link with company.

A “actors” The employees of Bryant Homes such as Mangers, professionals, subordinates etc.

T “Transformation process” A good IT construction will increase the productiveness of the concern. It will heighten communicating system of the company.

W “world-view” Customer service must be enhanced to derive competitory advantage.

O “owner” Bryant Homes.

E “environmental constraints” IT construction of the company must be improved. All systems must be improved including cyberspace, intranet and web site.

Phase 4: Thorough analysis of phase three & amp ; phase two

  1. Conceptual theoretical account

Measuring Bryant Homes

Compare your conceptual theoretical account with existent universe

The company must instantly carry through the intrinsic every bit good as extrinsic demands of its employees.


Develop cyberspace and intranet communicating system in the organisation

Take action to implement the alterations

All subdivisions must be burying link through gross revenues centres with waiters.

  1. Conceptual theoretical account

Departments must set up inter nexus

Compare your conceptual theoretical account with existent universe

All sections must concentrate on to cut down miscommunication between sections.


An efficient internal gross revenues system will minimise all kinds of mistakes.

Take action to implement the alterations

The system will give information to head office seasonably.

  1. Conceptual theoretical account

A system that can place the pros and cons of IT construction

Compare your conceptual theoretical account with existent universe

Employees must be satisfied through both offline and on-line manners.


An internal gross revenues system is required to vouch efficient flow of informations.

Take action to implement the alterations

Bryant Homes will hold all the information for covering the clients expeditiously. It will acquire to cognize about the demands of clients.

  1. Conceptual theoretical account

Upgrade Bryant Homes website

Compare your conceptual theoretical account with existent universe

The web site must be up to day of the month. It must associate the cardinal database. The web site must besides supply superior service for aliens.


The web site must maintain artworks little to guarantee maximal downloading. Customer’s clip must non be wasted at any cost.

Take action to implement the alterations

The consumer must be allowed to filtrate his pick through adverting his location and belongings demands.

The company has tried to increase efficiency and public presentation of the concern. All this schemes will assist to provide the clients efficaciously.

3 The company can better its public presentation through“Business Intelligence”. BI tools are really effectual and can convey positive consequences in the organisation. The company should follow quality and control processs to do certain quality criterions are met at each and every concern degree.

The originative job resolution is another of import tool for the organisation. This attack provides preparation tools to assist persons and groups. This attack make usage of checklist for defang mussy state of affairs. It besides includes six phases for covering the state of affairs. This attack will easy work out all kinds of jobs. There are many techniques are included in the theoretical account of originative system like interrupting techniques, stretching techniques and continuing techniques.

“Synectics” is besides a really effectual stimulation plan. It requires analogies for the processing of the plan. It besides follows the brainstorming technique of SSM attack.


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