Broken Homes and Marriages

Last Updated: 25 Mar 2020
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Broken family happens when the two parents are not anymore living together, usually this happens through divorce, but most recently, younger generation increased in number and frequency of single parenthood and early pregnancy (Tiabuilder, 2007). Broken homes, nonetheless might range from actual broken families or instances wherein parents and children seldom meet or have time together or instances when physical/sexual/psychological abuse/s are prevalent.

People from broken homes did not experience the same love and affection that can be found in a normal family. Usually, they are provided with little attention and care. Thus, they are less likely to possess the essential qualities that a successful relationship requires. It must be noted that coming from broken homes increased the chances of rebellious behavior/s and delinquency (Tiabuilder, 2007). They are inclined to demand from their partners more attention, understanding and trust, to compensate what they lost.

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At first the couple with one or both coming from broken homes might become successful but in the long run they are less likely to possess the relative experience and knowledge required to establish a family and work out a marriage. Marriage is about sharing, becoming parents and becoming responsible citizens (Akande, 2008). Without a proper guide, those that came from broken homes lack not only the capability and/or ability but also the knowledge of maintaining a happy and good relationship with their partner or child/ren.

More likely, people from broken homes follow the same path as what they had experienced. Work Cited: Akande, J. The Devastating Effects of Divorce and Separation. Retrieved on October 21, 2008, from http://www. myeexpert. com/areasofexpertise. php? id=246. Tiabuilder. The Only Solution To High Divorce Rates and Broken Families. 2007. Retrieved on October 22, 2008, from http://tiabuilder. wordpress. com/2007/04/29/the-only-solution-to-high-divorce-rates-and-broken-families/.

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