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In FCL, employees work in the three different units and each area is assigned a role leader which is responsible for looking after his members. In the adaptation of the hunter-gatherer technique, FCL has been successful in its business operation. Professor Richard Lee described the hunter-gatherers as “these people still retain something that they may ultimately prove to be more valuable than physical amenities in this world: a continuing, functional community and family organization and a continuing sense of personal and social identity”.

This framework has been given constantly to the people in FCL. As a result of the company’s adaptation of the hunter-gatherer technique, this has been an expensive organizational structure compared to another companies in the business. FCL has five area leaders while other companies only have one and it also has three individual shops while others have only a single megastore. Motivating and Empowering Employees It is the ultimate goal of the manager to motivate employees in order to achieve the best performance in their field.

When employees are highly motivated, this can lead to a greater chance of producing better output, promote creativity and can make the company a success (http://www. gevity. com/pdf/motivating_employees. pdf). Flight Centre Limited (FCL) has been successful in the business over the years. One of the factors that affects this success if the proper handling of the employees. Turner believes that most of the company’s policies originated from the Top Deck days which say that work and fun should be intertwined.

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Another factor that leads them to motivating their employees is through the book written by Michael Le Boeuf entitled How to Motivate People which states that “the things get rewarded get done”. He also stated that it is lack of rewards that causes some society problems these days. This book has inspired the company, thus, they applied the concepts to their way of managing people. FCL has always motivated its employees through getting bigger commissions.

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