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Volkswagen is a global company whose interest and operations are present in all of the industry’s key markets. This has to be supported by and organizational infrastructure which is designed to support its operational, strategic objectives and relationships with the industry and community. From the company’s 2006 Annual Report, the company is trying to make an effort to support its manpower and to develop collaborative relationships that can enhance productivity and communication with management.

This is seen as a critical step in ensuring the accomplishment of the company’s development objectives (Volkswagen, 2007). Work Teams in Volkswagen In recent years, Volkswagen has made it a priority to develop teams in enhancing its internal activities. Some of the teams that have been instituted are based on operational needs but several have also been developed to address specific management concerns or issues and as cross-sectional oversight teams.

This reflects Baxter’s (2007) of the role of support team projects to the enhance operations. The work teams concept was first employed by the company in production but has since extended the system to its public relations, finance, marketing and investigative departments (Volkswagen, 2007). Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz believes that these efforts are essential in ensuring a “constant exchange of knowledge” and sustainable success for the company (p. 22).

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Some of the team’s works are specific, Volkswagen’s Relations team spearheads the promotional and advertising activities for products which range from participation to automotive and design contests to developing partnerships with public interest initiative for the environment and education. In some cases, they are organized for a ad hoc purpose: the company’s accident research teams are organized in the event that there concerns or events that requires the investigation to ensure product quality, the company’s strategic interests or for the public’s safety.

It can be noted from the language of the company’s annual report that it is highlighting the importance of teams in its management. Volkswagen’s intentions in this regard are to emphasize the efforts it has devoted to enhance labor relations through the team structures (Nunez, 2006). As part of the company’s efforts to streamline its operations, work teams can contribute not only to management objectives but also develop platforms of communication and collaborations to enhance productivity and deter development of conflicts. Significance of the Work Teams

The institution and emphasis by Volkswagen reflects the importance of the need to develop not just organizational structures that support company needs but also ones that support the development and collaboration of employees (Volkswagen, 2007). The competitiveness of the industry is driving the need to streamline operations foster multitasking which have often been detrimental to labor relations (Nunez, 2006). However, the irony is that both work team systems competitive production programs contribute to the development of strategies and competencies that increase efficiency and productivity.

Therefore, work teams when managed and developed well can contribute significantly to the company’s success. In conclusion, Volkswagen’s origination structure that supports work teams is recognition of the importance of organizational structure and management. In the case of Volkswagen the need for work teams themselves are a means of focusing and organization its global activities. This initiative can be considered as critical to any company’s corporate management system that has to be developed with the consideration of internal and external factors that impacts its strategic objectives and operations.


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