Work-life Balance and Flexible Work Schedules

Last Updated: 18 Dec 2022
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There are 24 hours in a day and sometimes it is hard to squeeze some things that are important into your day like family or your hobbies. You either end up working too late and get tired and have to sleep early to be up for work early in the morning again. We all have the same 24 hours but spend it differently because some of us may be self-employed and work on our own schedule. But he most use work a strict work schedule that lasts forever as long as we are at the job. Working and being employed keeps food on our tables and keeps a roof above us. But working consistently with a schedule that doesn’t work with you could be very depressing.

That is why flexible work schedules should be an option for employees, it would make it much easier to balance throughout personal life. Everyone usually heads to work early in the morning between 6 and 9 am, which means there is a lot of traffic and makes commute pretty long. Over a period of time the commute adds up, people want to save money on gas. If the employee got to start work probably at about 11 am the commute wouldn’t be too bad, and they’d be much more energized. The issue Work-life Balance and Flexible Work Schedules is significant to management because it’d reduce the employer/company turnover rate, better relationship with the employee, less tardiness of employees and extended hours of operations. The management of the company and the employees will cooperate and communicate more.

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Parents with children can work different shifts while on takes care of the children to save money on childcare, since the two incomes are needed in the household. Contingent upon the adaptable work routine picked one parent can get the chance to work early and the other one can get in late to set up the children for their day while the primary parent can be present when the children get out school or daycare. In a few circumstances, a few guardians conclude that one won't work until the point when the children develop however that cuts of an extraordinary segment of pay that can be coming into the family. Choosing to return to class to get a higher degree and working can likewise be difficult to mastermind and fit the two together since school additionally needs time for examining.

A lot of people even quit attempting to proceed with their training which drives them carrying on with an extreme way of life since they aren't making a similar measure of cash any longer which shouldn't be a circumstance anybody ought to be for better their profession. Day in and day out, parents are very busy how they earn, feed and take care of their kids but the approach is different in many ways. I am a father of two kids , husband and full time student who is willing to balance life, work and study. Also my wife is a full time student and part time employee so it is very complicated when we are matching our schedule for registering classes, baby sitting and work. Mostly, we end up one of us has to sacrifice and drop some of his/her classes or work over the night as to take care of our kids because we don't have enough money to pay daycare.

According to the Economic Policy Institute research , Minnesota is on of the highest child care cost in united state, and raising children it needs more dedication and commitment. Also, American parents spent an average of $233,610 per child from birth up to 17 years, and not including tuition fees.“Washington, D.C., is the most expensive, with annual child care costing $22,631, according to the latest report from think tank Economic Policy Institute. After the capital, the most expensive states (in descending order) are Massachusetts ($17,062), Minnesota ($14,366), New York ($14,144) and Maryland ($13,932).” Digging different researchers I found out that most American parents don't want to get kids unless they are fully prepared financially and mentality while some of them prefer to be without children for the rest of their life because it is a dedication and big commitment step.

The best solution or action to take would be to expand hours of operations so that some people can come in late and work late. Like my job is to drive from point A to B, we do have two part time choices weekday and weekend. For the weekdays, I work 30 hrs every week monday through friday which means six hours every day. That six hours has two splits, the first shift is between 6:00 am to 9:00 am (rush hours when the people are going to work) and the second piece is 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm ( rush hours when the people are going back to home). For the weekend, I work 30 hrs friday through saturday and each day is 10 hrs. For that flexibility helped me to march my work, family and study. If my company could not provide me that chance I would not be where I am today because some jobs are limited their flexibility and their turnover are more. Work flexibility is apart of the quality management and it gives an opportunities and solutions both employer and employee.

For the employer it saves cost, creates high productivity, leads high creativity and attracting talent people. The companies will not spend a lot of money their office equipments also employees can start and finish earlier than the normal office hours because they are spending their hours of the transportation to the work. ” If an employee has the ability to work remotely from home, they save time on commute, meaning they may be inclined to start work earlier and finish later. Nearly two-thirds (60 percent) of HR directors have seen an increase in productivity, further demonstrating the business benefits of flexible work arrangements.” While employees prefer flexible hours as to work in freedom and spend more time with their families without sitting alone in a room for couple hours and feeling pouring.

This research will help me in my career because after completing my degree I will be in the hunt for a flexible job that will work with my busy family schedule. As of right now my career/job works perfectly with everything I am fumbling like going to school full time and working part time as well. My job right now works very well with me, I work 3 days a week reaching almost 40 hours within just those while some people struggle and do it in 5 days. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity, I wouldn’t even be able to imagine how stressful my life would be working more than that. In end adaptable work routines result in inspiration giving the representatives a period they're best to work and an advantage for the business of additionally being finished. It would spare a few families cash from spending such a great amount on childcare. Leaving somewhat later would help keep away from activity and making the drive a lot less demanding.

Coming in different shifts would enable a few people to accomplish more work and be much increasingly gainful. It would help businesses since representatives would come to work with vitality and will achieve more they would likewise like work more. Ultimately the importance of this subject in the executives is results in more achievements at the working environment and is an advantage for both the worker and boss.

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