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It was a challenge for me to work on this undertaking. because it is a learning procedure for me that how. I could undertake this inquiry hence I collected primary and secondary informations for my undertaking and seek my best to analyse the whole state of affairs and bring forth a good Peace of work. I gather information about Theme Parkss called Alton tower. After acquiring the brief cognition about this subject park and their strength and failings. through buttocks to Alton tower web site.

With the aid of some good secondary informations such as different web site and books beginnings. I used some selling schemes such as cleavage which is used to aim different types of consumers and it will assist to happen out how this subject park can make something new among other rival further I did a plague analyses. created a good pricing schemes which will assist this subject parks to make long term planning and let them to confront different menaces and jobs in a defensible manner.

Political factor consequence really much because Government alterations often and every Government makes it ain policy. which cancel or postponed the old policies and new policies are implemented. which start their work from zero point and all the old work and policies result bootless. Such as subject park might hold jobs in pricing schemes. if Taxes increasing. expensive increasing. clocking factor etc so due to this it can act upon the subject park negatively. On other manus if authorities policies are in the favour of concern sector so might be possible that it will assist Alton.

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Tower and they can gain more net income borders. Such as late UK authorities has cut down the VAT value added revenue enhancement which will increase the demand of costumiers coming towards subject Parkss more so this show that it’s a good measure taken by authorities in favour of concern sector. . Government Development When it comes to development so authorities some clip can play a critical function in bettering the society criterion such as authorities can give financess to theme Parkss or supply good installations for people who comes over there for enjoyments such built sitting country. exigency aid desk. locator and maps of London in subject Parkss for tourers.

Environmental protection and ordinance To protect the environment authorities ever coerce the subject park direction to be stick on this issue and cognizant there costumiers to follow the ordinance such as left eating points. garbic. should be through in ashcans and whole subject park should be Cover up by ashcans.

Cars should be non allowed in subject Parkss they should hold separate parking pace due to pollution which is botching the environment. Government should set hoardings of Environmental protection and ordinance on entryway of subject Parkss to cognizant people. Contract implementing jurisprudence over costumer’s safety. In this factor authorities will ever seek their best to do certain that subject Parkss are holding good safety safeguard for costumiers and whole subject Parkss is to the full covered by CCTV so that they can support in good manner against any unsafe state of affairs.

Economic Inflation In this factor if the monetary value addition over all the UK and there is high sum of rising prices in state so this will impact the subject park. because there will be a lessening in public disbursement due to rising prices. farther if rising prices is lifting so there will be increase in cost of subject Parkss such as disbursals will lift up. hence theme park will hold no other option left and they will increase their tickets monetary value besides.

Economic development If the Alton subject Parks does a good concern of all time twelvemonth such as many people or tourer love to come to UK for enjoyment and in this instance Alton subject park Is a good illustration of amusement and many people would wish to see it due to this it will hold a positive impact over economic conditions of UK. such as there will be increase in GDP. Globalization will increase and there will be a large roar in tourer industry. Employment.

Alton subject park is topographic point which is full of amusement and in this instance many people want to see it in different seasons such as summer holidaies is a good season in which subject Parkss are to the full crowded. To manage that demand of people Alton subject park will necessitate workers in their organisation every twelvemonth. Theme park can play a critical function in seasonal employment which is good for economic growing because unemployment will be reduced. Mac Gee ( 2004 ) Pg 415. ( themeparks UK. 2008 ) . titley. b. pg 378 ( 1993 ) . Social Life manner alterations.

When we talk about life manner so now yearss different people have different life manner. Harmonizing to people they want something new in life so hence they decide to hold some good holidaies or vacations so that they can remain loosen up for some clip in such busy universe. so theme park like Alton can play a critical function in altering life manner of people this subject park can let people to remain relax and hold peace in their life such as it has good atmosphere. hotel nice merriment topographic point for household and twosomes.

Population and age population and growing rate is a really of import factor which can act upon any concern in a positive or negative manner and when it comes to theme park like Alton tower. they need costumiers so that they can hold good concern growing and UK has a good population which is helpful to this subject park and in this population subject Parkss are more attractive towards childs about 10 to 15 or adolescent agers so this will assist Alton subject Parkss to make cleavage of people who can be interested in subject Parkss and so they can aim coevals X ( 10-16 ) and Y ( 16 – 20 ) . more.

Populating conditions This is factor which Alton subject park should concentrate more because this subject Parkss have hotel agreements for costumiers hence they have to be perfect in maintaining good Quaintly standard life conditions so that clients are satisfied in a good manner and one time costumiers are happy signifier there services this will assist to better subject Parkss image and good growing in gross revenues what is pest analysis. ( 2008 ) .

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