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Why We Form Relationships

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Why We Form Relationships Corbin Smith Estrella Mountain Community College There are many reasons as to why we form relationships with a person. Appearance is one of those reasons.

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Why We Form Relationships

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. There has to be some type of attraction towards their appearance because the way they look is extremely important in the early stages of a relationship.

Even if your appearance isn’t considered beautiful by societal standards, people will find you attractive if you’re just ordinary-looking with an amazing personality that fits the other persons needs. Attractive beauty may open doors to a relationship but it takes way more than just being attractive to keep a relationship going. Forming relationships is the ultimate way to gaining attraction and love towards a certain person that you might want to be with for the rest of your life. Forming relationships is a skill that not many people consider to be important but it’s a skill that most people want so they can find their lifelong partner.

My understanding of this skill is that we all have used it at some point in our lives to form relationship, whether if it’s just a friendship or more than that. Like I said before, appearance is one of the main things that jumpstart a relationship but it won’t be the only trait that’ll keep a bond going. Similarity, complementary, competence, disclosure, proximity, and rewards are all factors in how relationship is formed. I’ve used this skill plenty of times because I’m a person who loves to make new friends and meet new people every single day.

Whenever I get the chance to meet someone new, whether if I’m attracted to them or not, I try not to miss the opportunity. I met a girl in the beginning of this semester who is just the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen at this school so far. I had to take an opportunity to get to know this girl and fortunately, she gave me the light of day and now we both are really good friends. Not only does she look beautiful, we both have many of the same similarities such as music taste, fashion sense, and other amazing things. When I met her, I used her appearance to draw me to her and from then on, it was the similarities and complementarities.

By me using this skill, there have also been several consequences. I’ve been shot down by many girls many times because of me being too confident and by trying to get to know them way too fast. Unfortunately this skill doesn’t always work to our advantage but it doesn’t hurt to try it. Like the old saying goes, “You’ll never know for yourself until you try. ” I live by that saying because you can’t live your life in fear of getting rejected by people you’re attracted to. Just take the chance and run with it. The reason why this skill doesn’t work all the time is because of the mindset of the person that you’re attracted to.

Is that person already in a relationship? Is that person not looking for a relationship even though they are single? Is the person you’re attracted to not attracted to you back? There are many reasons as to why the negative effects might take place. Overall, never skip out on an opportunity to possibly engage in a lifelong friendship or relationship. You’ll never know the outcome until you try. “For communication to have meaning it must have a life. It must transcend ‘you’ and ‘me’ and become ‘us. ’ In a small way we then grow out of our old selves and become something new

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