Why Is Personal Growth so Important Essay

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I believe personal growth is the improvement of a person's being. Sometimes it may depend on what the persons goals and dreams are. Personal growth may come in many different forms such as improving self-knowledge, self-awareness, building your identity and developing strengths or talents. Even though those are some examples there are many more. Everyone's personal growth is different which depends on the person wants to be or what he or she wants to have.

From where I stand it started my eighth-grade year of school. I was going to a school that was very unusual for me as a person. It was a public school which didn't push me to my fullest potential. It was a very difficult transition from transferring from a catholic education to a public education. In this school I felt like I wasn't challenged. What I mean by that is that I wasn't pushed to be what my standards, hopes and dreams were planned out to be. I didn't do all of my work and didn't do all that I was supposed to achieve academically.

For my family this was a difficult time, my great grandma died, we had just moved houses, we were in a different kind of neighborhood. It was just a lot going on, not just for me but for the people surrounded my me. A little closer to the end of the school year things changed for me. I promised myself to study a little harder, do my work in class and at home, and to prove the people around me wrong.

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I realized that the energy that I received was the energy that I was giving back. The dreams, goals and standards I had for myself begin to work in my favor. I began learning things on my own and looking things up that I supposed to be learning in class. Unfortunately, the distractions played more of a role during class time that we didn't even get to learn much.

As I began to develop self-awareness for my desire to have education to achieve what I desired to accomplish I realized that this was a wake-up call for what was coming ahead. I wanted to go to one of the best high schools in Cincinnati and I was given the opportunity to. At first, I was very undecided on what I wanted to but with the guidance I had from my peers and family I made the best decision of my life. After I graduated eighth-grade It felt like a bondage of stress had been lifted off of me. I was so proud of myself and my accomplishments.

I appreciate that there are so many characteristics of so many different people. I believe this was the best way to put me out of my comfort soon and motivated me and force me to not stand for what I was not pushed to do. I believe because of this I am able to achieve great success in my future endeavors. I still have more goals and dreams to accomplish and I will, and I can do it. Nothing can stop me now because personal growth is a part of my everyday life.

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