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Why company should start saving on electricity

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Why company should start saving on electricity Nowadays, electricity is a common utilities used everywhere especially on every company. There is numerous ways to save electricity especially on the company premise. Saving on electricity will give many good factors also beside that some negative factors. Paying bills will be more less compare to the previous as of result of the electricity saving. However, the electricity company will get impact for their annual profit because the revenue will be decreasing as a result of the less amount electricity bills by some company.

Every company also will be able to minimize the maintenance cost from the electricity saving. This shows by fewer Jobs done by electrical devices such as air conditioner, office lamp and others. As an example, the company will do servicing or replacing filters Inside air conditioner at the longer gap time compare to the previous. On the other hand, the maintenance servicing company will get less work also less revenue because of the action. The company also will be gain higher profit as a result of the electricity saving.

Generally, the electricity cost is among major cost of every company operations yearly. In addition, company will be able to pay more bonus and Increment to their respective staff. Unfortunately, the motivation for some staff will be decrease because of the easily company to pay high bonus and increment to their staff. Moreover, at the end of every year they Just wait for company to pay them bonus without them to produce higher productivity. Name: - Mood January Bin Bad Jaws sol 1630 Date: - 04/09/2014

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Why company should start saving on electricity essay

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