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We Should Really Start Protecting Our Ocean

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Hey! Do you think that the beautiful ocean of ours should just go to waste? Me neither but if we don’t start protecting our ocean it will be filled with tons of oil and trash/plastic. Everyone has an opinion about something but it is important to know how to make YOUR opinion truly matter. My topic is protecting our oceans and I am for this because of all the things it provides for us and because of all the things it affects.

One reason we should really start protecting our ocean.I think this because of all the things it provides for us.”They flow over nearly three quarters off our planet, and hold 97% of the planets water.” In other words the ocean covers nearly over three fourths of the Earth. You know the oxygen you are breathing right now the ocean provides more than half of it in our atmosphere. Not only that but it absorbs most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. “Food is something that the ocean provides much more than just seafood.” Food is something that our ocean is very helpful with. It doesn't just provide fish as what people may think but some of the ingredients found in for example carrageenan are found in ice cream. Medicine products can also come from our ocean that involve ingredients that go against cancer, arthritis, alzheimer and heart diseases.

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Another reason we should start protecting our oceans is because of what it affects. Some of evidence i found was, “It provides over 70% of the oxygen we breathe and a little over 97% of the world's water supply.” To me i think that is a very big impact and oxygen and water are something we need to survive. One of the problems iss pollution and all the bad stuff that the ocean is contaminated with. If humans are exposed to these chemicals for long periods of time it's gonna add up and this starts to cause serious harm to humans health. Not only does it affect us but it affects some animals. Sometimes animals get caught on to plastic or have it mistaken for food which is really not good cause overtime they will start to die. From sources i found out that dolphins, fish, turtles, sharks ,crabs. seabirds, and crocodiles are most often the victims. Oil spills in the ocean are also very harmful cause it could get in to the gills and on to their feathers which can make it very hard to breathe or move.

On the other hand not everyone could agree with this because some people have different ideas. For example tourism and development are some things people do around the beach. Imagine this its a nice sunny day you feel relaxed drinking some soda and enjoying the waves. You look to your right and realize there is some construction of some sort going on along the coast line. You throw your soda that was in your hand on the ground not planning to drink it no more and say “whatever”. This idea came from a source i read saying “Coastlines have been steadily turned in tonew housing and tourist developments.” Most people just do these type of developmental things to get some money out of it.

Having your own opinion about various topics in society is important. I am for protecting our ocean because of two simple reasons: because of what it provides and what it affects. A reason against this is development point of views. No matter how you feel about my topic, understanding why people think a certain way, and trying to accept their views, makes society a better place. Thank you.

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