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Who’s in Charge? The Jim Davis Case Patty Mathew was required to attend the sales training provided by Jim. This training would really help them in increasing sales of bank services as she didn’t have any sales experience or sales knowledge. Selling services is an important part of business. Before that training Patty was more interested in expense account, which she can use for clients rather than on training. She didn’t attend the training and informed that she is sick. The main concern is that is Patty sick or she just gave the reason just to miss the training.

It seems that she wanted to miss the training as Allen also told that he faces problem in corporation with the branch managers. Jim needs to inquire about Patty’s health before taking any action against her. If she’s sick he could provide her training individually. In case she’s not sick Jim can take any of the following steps 1) Complaint to Mr. Johnson or with Allen can take action against her but in this case the other managers could also resist helping Jim. 2) To solve the issue peacefully he can discuss the issue’s Patty has regarding the training.

Jim can offer Patty expense, which she wanted. Jim could regulate this expense account based on Patty’s performance. Second option is more appropriate as this will solve the issue peacefully and quickly. In case Patty still shows resistance Jim can complaint against Patty. Recommendations Jim has not been so successful in imposing his authorities on other employees. We have already observed that the request of two clerks from Jim for help was impolitely refused by their supervisor.

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Authority: It is good to be polite but at times he needs to use his powers to show this position. He can use his network with Allen and Mr. Johnson whenever required. Reward: He needs to present the managers how important the sales skills are for them and use rewards system to improve their performance. Social relation: Jim could also work on his relations with the branch managers like drinks after training and other informal meetings. To gain their trust so that the managers corporate with Jim in application of the sales of services.

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