Who Has Impacted Your Life the Most

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There are certain people, when we asked them about who impact your life's, they usually mentioned their parents. However, my parents gave me the gift of life. They taught me how to talk and walk. They are always here for me when I need something. I cannot live without their advice. My parents are perfect examples of gave me the chance to have good education and better life. First, my father is my guidance with everything I had done. I cannot waived his advise to me. I always find him in the position where I need him. For example, my decision of studying in the United State or studying in Saudi Arabia.

He encourage me to go to the United State because as professor working in the university. He told me that teaching in America better for you. Even thought he is teaching on university in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he gave me the chance to choose whether I want to study in Saudi Arabia or America. Lastly, I chose to study in the U. S, and he was with me for the lest monument of supporting me and giving me advice until I arrived to the U. S. Second, my mother is the best mother in the world because she gave the impassible thing that no body can give me, is the gift of live.

She always help me with whatever I need. She never forces me to do anything that I do not like to do. She wanted for me to have the best education in my entire life. She also supported me and gave me advice to my trip to the U. S. I remember she told me that "nobody was born to know" because I was afraid of learning English. And who will be the life with different culture. In this situation, she said to me you are going to harmony with other people there and do not be afraid, the life is easy.

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