How an HR Practitioner should ensure the services they provide are timely and effective

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With reference to the HR Practitioners role within my company i will show how we meet the customers needs in a timely and effective manner. Prensently i work for Leicestershire Police and my role as a HR Clerk mainly entails the recruitment side of things. Which also entails job fairs, seminars and marketing fairs. Additionaly to this i will do general admin duties where will answer or update employees queries, deal with the sickness line and fit notes and maintain employee records.

At present we are recruiting between 200 - 250 people who are at several different stages of the process. Understanding customer needs (include examples of 3 different customers and 1 need for each, and explain how would you priotise conflicting needs) We entertain a wide variety of customers within our HR department, the 3 key users that we deal with are the external and internal candidates, employees and management. Internal and External candidates

Each recruitment selection can require different processes · to keep them updated with the whole process from start to end, i.e successfull at short listing, interview/asssement dates, have been successfull/unsuccessfull at interview, vetting medical and employment reference checks. · provide them induction days and training if required for thyat specific role. · For some areas of our vacancies we have a pool of candiates that would go into cohorts. How we priotise who would go in each one would be whos passed their assessments/interviews, fitness tests, how quickly other departments we work alongside would complete their side of things.

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· Main needs would to keep thier records upto date with sickness, awards, training, change in circumstances, performance developement reviews.

· To keep line managers informed of new starters, what their scheldues would be, induction lists to provide the new starter and to make sure they settle into their new efficiently and to inform them if they need any additional help. make sure that the new candidate completes the manditory

Screen Equipment Survey (DSE) so that the they are working in a comfortable environment. · Update managers with any sicknesses

With these main 3 customers the HR Service Centre can show that they provide a broad range of services that meet to the customers standards. We update the relavent people with the correct information but would uphold the confidentiality around sensative or personal records. Effective communication (includes examples of 3 different communication methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each) Within in the HR service centre we use several different methods of communication, the ones we find most effective in our line of work are by telephone, writing or emailing.

Telephone Communication

· The quickest way to contact someone is by phone, this way we are able to talk through various process and get quick confirmation from people. you would also get a sense of what the person is like. · The disadvantage of using the phone is that you have no recording of what has been said or agreed to, and the full meaning/point might not get across to them.

Email Communication

· The benefit of emails is that it is the quickest way to keep people informed about various things and get answers back almost immediatley, tranfer details to various people at the same time. If they are internal employee/ candidates we can keep the emails restricted so they cannot be accessed from outside forces. We would also be able to keep an audit trail of what has been said or agreed to. · Disadvantage would be that if the email is unrestricted others would be able to access it, would go to the wrong person and would not be classed as official confirmation.

Written Communication

· Would go directly to relavent person. More offical when sending out contracts, update letters references. Would be able to keep a copy of the letter we send out with the persons file. · On the other hand letters can easily be lost in the post, employees and candidtaes can claim to have not recieved it. Written communication can also take longer between replys.
Effective service delivery (include: delivering service on time, delivering service on budject, dealing with difficult customers, handling and resolving complaints)

All services that we provide needs to be processed in a timely manner. In the recruitng side we have a time frame of 8-12 weeks to recruitment candidates, we do have some longer to time frames for people who are in the pools. With more everyday queries we recieve generally take 24 hours to at least action if answer any questions.

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