Edutor, Pearson Partner to Provide Digital Textbooks to Students in South Africa

Last Updated: 07 Jul 2020
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Over 11000 students across 13 campuses at CTI Education Group (CTI) and Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) will receive digital textbooks on their tablets. Edutor Technologies, a pioneer in tablet based education in India, has announced a partnership with global education company Pearson, to provide digital textbooks to students in South Africa. This will offer students access to all there requisite textbooks at any time and any location, without internet access.

Edutor comes with the experience of working with 70 academic institutions across India and reaching over 40,000 students. Ram Gollamudi, Chief Executive Officer of Edutor Technologies said, "Pearson and CTI/MGI are leading the way in digital education in South Africa. Edutor is delighted to empower them to deliver superior learning experiences to students in South Africa by providing a cost-efficient and scalable platform to deploy. Our experience in India shows that device based learning is a game changer and can go a long way towards making learning engaging, interactive and immersive for students. We look forward to working with Pearson in scaling it further to impact a much larger student body."

Edutor offers schools and students the ‘Ignitor’ platform; a unique multi-model digital textbook distribution platform. It is a solution that converts tablets into an educational device and then 'augments' the learning experience of the students. This partnership with Pearson ensures that all the relevant content is available on demand, within the device.

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Nirvani Dhevcharran, CTO of Pearson, South Africa Division remarked, "The Ignitor technology platform has helped us successfully implement our digital textbook strategy at CTI/MGI and deliver next generation learning experiences on devices to students. This will help students carry and access their textbooks anytime, anywhere."

This is one of the largest deployments of digital textbooks on tablets by Pearson anywhere in the world. The devices come with an integrated epub3/pdf reader with built-in annotations and note taking.. The content has been made available from the first day, to help instructors and students start learning without any loss of time.

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