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The Dragonslayer is a Walt Disney and Paramount Pictures film that was shown on 1981. The story was basically about a dragon that was called as Vermitrax Pejorative which was destroying the kingdom of Urland with its fiery breath. In order to please this dragon, the king ordered a group of warriors to have an expedition to find someone who has the capacity to destroy this creature. The expedition was led by Valerian and their objective is to find a wizard in the name of Ulrich of Cragonmoor.

However, Ulrich died upon an accidental mishap that happened because he wants to prove his power to Tyrian, a knight of the kingdom. Upon his death, his “inexperienced apprentice” has assumed to take his place. This apprentice was Galen Bradwarden who was an orphan which has magical powers sealed inside of him by Ulrich himself in able to protect him when he was still young. The story revolves on the adventures and misadventures of this young apprentice in order to save not only the whole kingdom but his pride as well.

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It also expresses a bit of dramatic and romantic unfolding and discovery of Galen’s personal strengths and abilities. As a hero he tried to rescue the whole kingdom all by himself without thinking about the circumstances that it may bring, however the story have shown how he have grown into becoming a man that thinks about the future and not merely of how to impress the people around him. The portrayal of this can be seen in the part wherein he tried his best to rescue the princess but failed to do so.

Also, he grows with enough patience and dedication to accomplish his mission or his objective with a distinct trust to his guts and personal will. The perspective of the storyteller affects this story with regards to how the emotions and clarification of scenes would be relayed. As for the way that the characters would speak and how their intentions would reveal in the story would depend upon how the story teller have perceived or have understood the story as a whole.

The storyteller is the one who is responsible in shaping the imagination of the listeners of the story as to what the characters looks like and how they act and react in the scenes in the story. The storyteller as a whole acts merely as guide in understanding the theme and the supposedly response and kind of thinking of the characters in the story. The storyteller is also the one who is responsible in unveiling the different facts and settings that should be incorporated in the minds of the receiver in order to fully appreciate the whole story.

At the end of the story, there was an implication that everything that had happened was all planned by the great sorcerer Ulrich in able to reveal or at least help Galen discover his potentials. It also shows that the great sorcerer have used Galen in order to destroy the Dragon because it is a mission that he cannot deal with by his self. It was an irony because all along the receiver would think that it was all Galen’s enthusiasm and yet at the end, everything was planned in the start. References: Robbins, Mathew. 1981. Dragonslayer. Walt Disney and Paramount Pictures.

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