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Walt Disney: One of the World’s Most Influential People Walt Disney once said “All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them”. He shows us this is true through his own story. Walt Disney did not have the fairy tale childhood one would expect. He grew up in a very poor family with an abusive father who did not support his creativity. Walt Disney dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to study art. At 19 he began making cartoon ads, it was not the best job but he worked hard and never gave up. By the age of 27 he had created the one and only Mickey Mouse!

Walt Disney has obtained the title of one of the world’s most influential people by showing us to never give up on our dreams, to not let others negativity impact our choices, and by showing us to go through life with a “childlike” wonder. Imagine a world without Disney Land, without Mickey Mouse, or without the classic Disney films society has come to know and love. None of this would exist if Walt Disney had simply given up when his dreams seemed impossible. “Walt Disney new that through desire and hard work a person can accomplish a great deal” (Nardo 75).

He took many risks to get where he was when he died, whether his company was trying something new or they were waiting to see if the new production would make or break them. Walt Disney did not give up just because his father did not support his creativity, or because he was trying something new that others thought was ridiculous. He worked for what he wanted no matter what. This is a great example for people to follow because it seems that today; society gives up on their dreams if they are not easily attainable and if they follow what Walt Disney did they can accomplish much more.

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Walt Disney not only set a good example by showing us to never give up on our dreams, but he also shows us that we should never let people’s negativity impact our choices. Hollywood “had wondered whether a fairy tale story could have enough suspense to hold an audience through seven reels, and whether, even if the plot held up, an audience would care about the fate of characters who were just drawings” (Cinema: Mouse & Man). Walt did not listen to them though and because of that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was born! This was the first full-length animated film and it was a huge success (Amie Warfield)!

People today like to voice their opinions and sometimes they are not so supportive of others and their decisions. If people learn to take negativity, but to not let it impact their choices then they may be more likely to try new things and pursue their dreams! This is just one of the many ways Walt Disney influenced society. When going through life, not only should we not let others negativity impact our choices but we should live life with a “childlike” wonder. Walt Disney was famous for being “young at heart” (Don Nardo 41). He had a “childlike” personality. He was a creator, he was imaginative, and he was very optimistic.

He had the ability to see the entire picture (Brad Aldridge). People can sometimes get so caught up in things that they do not see the entire picture. When this happens, they can lose sight of what really matters. Having a childlike wonder allows one to better appreciate the world, be less narrow minded, and have less of a concern for dogmatic rules. Walt Disney’s childlike personality also showed in how much he loved his family. He would spend all of his free time with them and he enjoyed being around them. He achieved so much by living life with a “childlike” wonder and this influences people to do the same.

Walt Disney can be described in many ways; some say he is artistic, imaginative, creative, childish, and fun. The list goes on and on. Walt Disney begins being an influence on children through his movies which usually have important morals or stories. As one gets older they can look at Walt Disney as a role model. When looking at his life and what he accomplished one might ask themselves, how did he do it? He was an innovator, he was constantly trying new ideas and methods (Don Nardo 36). Walt Disney also had the drive to get what he wanted (Brad Aldridge).

He never gave up on his dreams, would not let others negativity impact his choices, and he lived life with a childlike wonder. When people look at his life and his accomplishments they can appreciate him and what he did. Walt Disney shows us to never give up on our dreams, to not let others negativity impact our choices, and to live life with a “childlike” wonder. By doing this, he has become one of the world’s most influential people. He shows us this through his movies and his life story. If people will follow the way he lived life they may accomplish more, and live happier lives better appreciating the world.

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