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Voice vs. Data Argumentative Essay

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In this lesson we talked about seven things to compare the difference between voice and data communication. The first item are cell phones, cell phones are voice and data communications. Cell phones are a mobile device used for voice and data communication over a network of base stations, sites where antennas and electronic communication equipment together create a cell in a mobile phone network. Today mobile phones are used for many other purposes than the standard voice function, which is it primary purposes.

Mobile phones are used for text messaging by means of SMS, for sending and receiving videos and photographs by means of MMS and for email and internet services using GPRS. The second was Landline phones, Landline phones are voice communication. Landline telephones serve a variety of functions, even in today’s largely mobile world. Accessibility of landline phones for people with disabilities means that the range of services provided through landline phones to everyone without disabilities is also accessible in some ways that provides equivalent functionality for people with disabilities.

There are several accessibility features which are either present in a telephone, or can be added by attachment; these included speakerphone functionality, large keys, flash on incoming calls, ability to connect a Braille reader. Landline phones are also used for very limited data collection, data retrieval and remote control through the digit transmission they provide. The third item are SMS/Text Messaging which is a voice and data communication. Text messaging is described as the exchange of short text messages.

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Text messages can be sent via mobile phones, fixed-line phone, and portable or fixed devices over a network. Text messaging only referred to short messages contains pictures, sound images, animation, and video. Fax machine which is voice communication is the fourth item to discuss; fax logic is to faxing what VOIP is to voice communications. Fax logic offers ultra-reliable Internet Fax communications using ordinary fax machines, with high security, high availability and low cost.

Fax logic is ideal fax solution for VOIP and PSTN subscribers in any industry. Now with our fifth Pagers which are voice communication as well is a wireless telecommunications device that receives and displays numeric or text messages, or receives and announces voice messages. One-way pagers can only receive messages, while response pagers and two way pagers can also acknowledge, reply to, and originate messages using an internal transmitter.

Pagers operate as part of a paging system which includes one or more fixed transmitters as well as a number of pagers carried by mobile users. VOIP is our sixth item. VOIP is a voice communication. VOIP is a methodology and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over IP networks, such as the Internet. VOIP systems employ session control and signaling protocols to control the signaling, set-up, and tear-down of calls.

They transport audio streams over IP networks using special media delivery protocols to controls the signaling, set-up, and tear-down of calls. Skype/Face time is the seventh and last item. This is a voice and data communication. Skype is a voice over Internet Protocol system developed by Skype technologies. It is a peer-to-peer network in which voice calls pass over the Internet rather than through a special purpose network, Skype users search for other users to connect to, enabling them to search for other Skype users and send messages.


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