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Release Me Inc. “Embrace Them”

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The Criminal justice system in the US is very strong and effective. The system not leaves the criminals but it did not address welfare of the dependants and family members of such criminals. Ultimately the family members would become main victims. The family members would loose education, health, social matters etc. Even the criminals coming outside after release from jail, they lack support from the society.  In order to address and providing rehabilitation services, the Release Me Inc.established to bring the changes in lives of such persons including juveniles and released persons from jail.

Release Me Inc known as RMI provides assistance to those people are separated from the system with the effect of criminal justice system so that they may connect with society to lead normal life. The assistance of RMI may be in the shape of providing legal help, offer education and vocational skills, health care etc. The operational activities of the RMI presently limited to New York but it is planning to extend the operations to other states also within five years. To work more effectively, the NGO desire to become partner of the global NGO community i.e. Non-governmental organizations associated with the United Nations. Besides the other the following services offered by the RMI

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The individuals who are charge under the age of 18 called as juveniles and as they are not treated as adults but trials made in juvenile courts. Rehabilitation services should be provided to such juveniles in order to prevent them from committing additional offences by providing other options and skills by RMI. The services are: Conducting with local attorney or related child’s probation offer in order getting the details policies of selective state and country.
Contacting country government to know the rehabilitation options available and access the state or local government web sites, which will be helpful information on rehabilitation policy.

Contacting other local social services agencies, legal aid agencies for sharing of information and to access of useful information.
Adoption of counseling for the juvenile and adult addressing the core issues of unlawful behavior and rehabilitation process.
In case still not satisfied with the rehabilitation process, the RMI will approach national advocacy groups such as American Civil Liberties Union for offering adequate rehabilitation options.

Providing legal help with the help of possible laws and tries to bring them out as early as possible.
Providing medical assistance to the family members
Providing education facilities to the children.
Conducting of frequent meetings with the prisoners and family members to increase moral support among them.
To achieve the objectives and goals of the organization, the RMI addresses the following methods:

Conducting monthly meetings with community originations, political leaders, business owners and members of the community to exchange the more information. The organization also arranges meetings with the incarcerated men, women, juveniles and their families in order to discuss the challenges. Finally feedback will be taken and possible solutions will be searched out. All these efforts would be initiated by the group of lawyers belongs to various familiar institutions. Besides the organization also takes volunteer helps to achieve the organization goals.

The RMI also recruits the tutors from the Ready program, local high schools, and colleges to give assistance to the juveniles and adults members to increase educational skills. For better facilitation, the RMI become the representative of Economic Development center  every Tuesday for giving assistance for enhance economic stability.

Vision statement is the best possible outcome. The purpose of the vision statement is to inspire, energize, motivate and stimulate the creativity, which is linked with the objectives and goals. The Vision statement should be a emotional. The visions statements prepared with inner or outer vision. The inner vision statement refers the internal thoughts, emotions and feelings, whereas outer vision statement expresses the future goal of the organization. The vision statement required to be updated according to the long-term objectives and goals of the organization. Quarterly review also recommended so that the vision statement is still describing the outcome of the desired output. Vision statement is a strategic plan and blue print of the organization’s work.

RMI works with a vision to bring the change among the persons who have badly effected with the criminal justice systems. The persons include prisoners, juveniles who have come out from jail or dependants or family members of such prisoners. When the prisoners are not inside the society, the care of dependants or family members would be undertaken to some extent by the RMI, which is a non-profit organization.

Mission statement is a brief statement of organization. It includes the slogan also. The intention of a mission statement is to keep the related members and users with the aware of organization’s purpose. The mission statement should include the purpose and values of the organization. The primary interest of the members should be addressed in the mission statement. Every Non profit organization must have mission statement. It describes the use and purpose of the organizational goals.

Normally when the person goes to the jail, the individual or family members of such criminal will be separated from the society. The normal life of the family members of such criminal disturbed thereby growth of the family stopped and even their minimum needs also would be insufficient. As separated from the society, no help or assistance permitted by the society.  At this juncture, the RMI provides the assistance to the persons so that they can give reentry into the society to lead the better life.

It is evidently noticed that the repetition of crimes and the crime rate is increased more and more thereby so many persons were under custody in New York. Even the New York becomes highest county out of six counties, which has increased prison rate. As a nonprofit organization with social obligation with the society, the Release me Inc recognized the needs of such persons. At this situation, the interference and role of non-profit organization is more to bring normal life to the persons those who have lost, which was linked with criminal justice system.

Goal is the organization’s indicates output results of the organization. Goals are connected with the systematic plans. Goals may be short-term or long term goals. The RMI has set of goals, which provides assistance to the needy persons who have been affected with the criminal justice system. Hence RMI planned to provide assistance with initial level such as offering assistance legal help either it may be civil, criminal or other family matters. It also offers education and vocational skills to the persons so that they will have their independence. The RMI also provides healthcare assistance to the persons or their family members.

The RMI planned to provide the assistance for 200 men, 100 women and 75 juveniles per year. The assistance extends to the family members also. The RMI also undertakes to provide assistance with 250 legal cases per year. It offers advocacy with 20 DYFS cases per year. DYFS is Division of Youth and Family Services, a child welfare agency within Department of Children and Families. DYFS is such mission to ensure the safety, permanency of children and to support families.

Besides the RMI targeted to provide high school diploma or GED classes to 150 members per quarter. The objectives include providing psychological assistance to 25 members per quarter, providing 100 free physical and HIV testing per month, communications with employers to create employment etc. To have better performance, RMC conducts monthly meetings with community organizations, political leaders, business owners and members of previously incarcerated persons. The RMI also have lawyers belongs to famous institutions who are from Rutgers University Law School, Seton Hall University law School, etc. Besides; some volunteer lawyers also provide assistance to the RMI. The monthly meeting focuses on rehabilitation programs.

Internal operations timeline
Since RMI is new and nonprofit organization, it requires establishment of name and logo for the organization. Hence the RMI planned to complete the establishment of name and logo of the organization within the first quarter of the 1st year and first month. For this name is already decided, but still log design is required. For logo design, the RMI should have various samples of other organization. The Logo should also contain the meaningful word.  During the first month, the RMI has also to design such as Mission statement, vision statement, definition of the organization, and identification of Board of Directors etc. preliminary basic requirements such as Articles of incorporation, by-laws of the organization etc are planned to complete within the first quarter.

After completion of the basic steps the first Board of Directors meeting should be conducted to finalize and approve the Mission Statement, Vision statement and objectives. Because mere framing of policies are not enough, these should be approved by Board of Directors of the organization. Besides filing of the copies under 501 © (3) are also planned during the 2md month of 1st quarter. After completion of all these formalities, the origination becomes into existence and it should create new platform to interact with the related agencies for sharing of the information and getting expertised. For this the RMI should contact with local agencies, educational institutions and political leaders etc. during the third month of first quarter.

Services provision timeline
Providing the services according to the goals and objectives of the organization, funds are required to the organization. During the 2nd quarter, it has to create a fundraising plan. During the year 2008, the RMI estimated with the Net assets of $55,000 with the liabilities of $30,000. Accordingly it has to create of fundraising plan in order meet the expenditure. After creation fundraising plan, marketing techniques are to resorted. The next step is to approach the Division of Children ad Families for identification purpose and should take the details of the persons of the needy persons. It should be done in the 2nd quarter. During this period, the RMI should also contact the Essex County Economic Development Center for having better facilitation and exchange the ideas to provide more assistance to the victims. All these are planned to complete by the 4th month. In the month of five, productivity plan for five years should be designed.

Getting of feedback from various sides such as community organization, political leaders are done during the 5th month. Whatever the information, it may be communicated to the local jails and prisons to have interaction. Then the work will be started in the sixth month. The grant opportunities should be researched during the 7the month. Because the RMI individually cannot help, it has to seek the help or assistance from the local institutions or government. Hence more concentration is required on grants research.   The fund raising techniques should be finalized and should be implemented. With the available funds, the organization starts communicating with the community. Preparation of commercials and radio broadcasting planned for 7th month. Thereafter the RMI approaches to the State and local government after such advertising for getting grants. It will also apply for approval of non-profit status.

After completion one month i.e. in the ninth month, board of directors meeting should be conducted and to discuss with the responses of any grants. If any responses from the grants should be discussed in the board meeting in the nine month. After finalization of grants, preparation of applications for members should be decided. In the tenth month first fund rising event should be described and implemented according to the schedule or programme. Until the construction is completed, the members should be sent to the public library during the eleventh month. At the end of the year i.e. in twelfth month, the agency building should be established, where the members can meet.

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