Razor’s Upcoming Gaming Tablet: The Razor Edge Tablet

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Organizations are releasing more modern and advanced products all the time and so are their competitors but the question we all want to know Is what's next? The answer to that question is Razor's upcoming gaming tablet "Project Fauna" which has been renamed as "The Razor Edge Tablet".

In this paper you will read an overview of the organization, a description of the product or service, a SOOT analysis of the organization and offering, a competitive analysis of the organization and offering using Porter's five competitive forces model, the criteria we will use to segment our market and we will select our target market including geographic, demographic, cryptographic, and behavioral factors, a description of our target market, and the needs that cause our target arrest to buy Including emotional and logical drivers.

As kids in the ass's and ass's some of us grew up around Atari, Nintendo, and Saga Genesis with many games such as Super Mario Pros. , and Sonic the hedgehog making childhood memories that last a life time. Back then those very gaming systems were earning billions with 90% market share and a decade later the gaming system industry has doubled its sales becoming a worldwide entertainment powerhouse earning as much as movies and music, "U. S. Video games scored 21. 3 industry is thriving on its development, marketing, sales etc.

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With so many popular systems available in the market what more could gamers want? Currently on the market is Sony Play station (399. 00) who has earned 23. 8 million, Microsoft OXBOW 360 (313. 00) who earned 31. 5 million from their systems, and Nintendo WI (399. 00) who has brought In a whopping 56 million. Now the market is currently buzzing about the next Generation Console the Razor's "Edge Tablet". The Razor Edge Tablet Is a gaming tablet with integrated dual game controllers, connected to each side Is a wand like controller with analog thumb sticks and two triggers apiece.

Although it is recently Just a manufactured idea it's strategically planned features bring significant excitement to the anticipating gamers for reason such as this, the handle bars are detachable, the base unit can slot into a keyboard to turn it Into a more conventional desktop. The edge tablet will also feature a 10 Inch touch screen designed for PC gaming and very much capable of running- current generation PC games. The Edge tablet is designed to operate on a windows 8 operating system with a memory of BIB of DRP RAM leaving a ton of space for downloading games, The Edge Tablet on its way.The competitor Analysis is the fact that Apple is the leading the tablet market. Over 55 million tablets sold globally as of last quarter ( Suns, 2012). Launch of the PAD 3 saw sales hit 3 million In the first three days. Apple currently holds 58% of the tablet the time and quickly gained ground over the other tablets that are in competition ( Suns, 2012). The five Porters competitive forces for this will be bargaining power of customers or buyers to let them know that they will be getting a great product that is worth the money and no another product will beat their product.

By barging with the suppliers to help keep cost done with them being the suppliers so they can keep being your supplier for the Fauna project and also stay the competitive of your rivalry so you can stay on top of the game. In this business you always want to research what other gaming system are doing and what they are creating to make their line of business better and more appealing to customers. You also do not want a new client to come into place and try to take over your product or try to substitute your product.

There are so many copy cats in this industry that you will always need to be on the kook out to make sure that your company is not being taken an advantage of. There should be a group of people hired within the company to be on the look out for scams and what other companies are launching within in their company to make themselves better than yours. You Just want not believe how many competition that are out there trying to be in the number one spot; so it is very important to keep up with the competitive analysis from year to year to know where you stand in this whole market.

The criteria that will be used to segment the project Fauna that will target market the geographic, demographic, cryptographic and behavioral factors is the objective with these static in mind for the promotional campaign are to expand the target market by broaden the audience that will be buying this product. The first thing is to increase the awareness what Fauna tablet is all about how it is better than other tablets that are on the market as well.

By doing this is to live stream with interviews and game play, have television advertisement's to help boost ratings to make the customers want to go out and buy it to see what all the talk is about. When you see ewe technology on the home shopping channel are you going to automatically look and see what the salesman have to say about the product. This also gives you the opportunity to hear what other shoppers think about the product and if they like it or not.

Then they can be event appearances like going out to the mall where all your young customers and buyers hang out at to promote the tablet. By doing this will help you promote the new tablet and answer any questions that a potential customer might have and it will help them understand why this product is better and will be otter let's say the PAD. When people can get a feel of something and feel the hype of the new product people will try it to see for them. When it comes down to technology people always want to have the latest trend of technology.

The gaming world has a huge age bracket to consider, you have children that start playing on tablets as young as the age of 4 and ranging up to people in their ass's. The biggest age bracket to consider would have to be young child up until their early ass's. What is so unique about Project Fauna is that it has all of the gaming systems you can sibyl think of that can fit into the palm of your hands. This is expanding the market to consider when marketing their brand out. There many people out there that prefer gaming systems that are compatible with PC's, playing on the T.

V. , being able to work on Microsoft word to get your homework done for school. This product is going where no tablet has gone before. Making it easier for them to market out and reach everyone in the gaming world. To put it out there, it is one of the most genius ideas ever thought of after the PAD was created. Product Fauna is putting gamers into a mind blowing experience with this new technology being placed on the market. Our brains are wired to pay attention to emotion and new or unusual things.

Product Fauna has put a whole new look on tablets, consoles, even Nintendo ADS' and such. The five emotional triggers to have a consumer go out and buy are love, pride, guilt, fear and greed. People who love their games and have made it a hobby will be so excited when they can get their hands on something so spectacular. Their pride could get to them which would cause a reaction for them to go out and buy the newest system out there. Or better yet, if they can't afford it, they can guilt their parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. Onto buying it for them on their birthday, special occasion or even a holiday such as Christmas. The fear that can be impacted on gaming consumers is if they have missed an opportunity of having something amazing and better than the rest. Lastly greed also has to be considered, there are some where they like to have everything that hits the selves and want to be the first one with it. Project Fauna isn't Just a gaming device that we have seen before, or should we say, we have, but not when you had it all together Onto one bundle package.

That would take the consumer who is not so sure if they should make such a purchase evaluate the product and need a solid reason as to why they would want to purchased it and Justify their first initial response when considering their emotional need. Logic on this product is that it is the first of its kind and it has so much more to offer. You could even get away with all of the other gaming systems and use Just the one. REFERENCES: www. Tightrope]extinction. Com www. Silversides,. Net/]emollient/dig-take-pro]etc-fauna-presentation

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