Risk Management: Evolution, Requirements, Process, and Application in Coalfield (Evening) Course

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It will look at the evolution of risk, the requirements for risk management, the risk management process and steps, and the application of risk management. Mode of Delivery Coalfield (Evening) 3 hours per week Additional workload requirements This is a six credit point unit with three hours class contact per week over 12 teaching weeks. It is expected that you will spend, on average, nine hours in self-directed study each week, in addition to the three hours of class contact. Self-directed study for a particular unit may exceed nine hours during weeks preceding an in-semester test, submission of a major assignment or final examination.

The feedback is anonymous and provides the Faculty with evidence of aspects that students are satisfied 1 For more information on Manama's educational strategy, see: www. Monish. Deed. AU/ about/Monish-directions/ and on student evaluations, see: www. Policy. Monish. Deed/ policy-bank/academic/education/quality/student-evaluation-policy. HTML Previous Student Evaluations of this Unit Student feedback has highlighted the following strengths of this unit: (1) 'great delivery' and (2) 'aligned with the real world'. Student feedback has also contributed to continuous improvements, including 'more practice examples'.

Classes may consist of group presentations, case studies, discussions and completion of assigned work. The lecture sessions will cover significant points of the topics (see Unit Schedule), and may be used to discuss a aspect of each topic, but rather provide a framework of the important theoretical concepts and practical issues. Given this framework students are expected to attend all classes and participate actively. In order to participate and to gain maximum benefit from the sessions, all the questions, set for each week, are to be attempted before the class for that week.

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At times in the class the lecturer will invite students to raise and discuss relevant issues and areas of concern. Students should take this opportunity, particularly in lass, to clarify areas of difficulty and to contribute actively to the discussion of the model answers to the set of weekly questions. 4 Students are expected to spend additional private study time and access the recommend readings, which are listed in this guide and on Blackboard. In addition to the recommended readings and sets of weekly questions, a number of past examinations and tests, together with model answers, are provided on Blackboard.

These resources enable students to develop a mastery of the topics covered by the unit. To ensure a high probability of completing successfully this unit, students need o approach it in a systematic way. At a minimum this should involve: reading the prescribed material prior to each weekly session; preparing solutions to each set of questions prior to the session; attending sessions and participating in discussions of model answers; reviewing material from other references from time to time; and attempt relevant past examination and test questions.

Assessment Summary Within semester assessment: 50% Examination: 50% Assessment Task Value Due Date Individual assignment 15% spin, 1 April 2014 25% spin, 13 May 2014 week 3 - week 12 on class) Examination 1 To be advised Hurdle Requirements There is a hurdle requirement in this unit. The learning outcomes in this unit require students to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in the unit. This is demonstrated by the requirement that the student must attain a mark of at least 50% in the final examination.

A student's final mark is normally the sum of the marks obtained in all of the individual assessment items in the unit. Where a student fails the unit solely because of failure to satisfy the hurdle requirement, a mark of 48 will be returned for the unit. Second marking Where an assessment task is given a fail grade by an examiner, that piece of work will be marked again by a second examiner who will independently evaluate the work, and consult with the first marker. No student will be awarded a fail grade for an assessment task or unit without a second examiner confirming the result.

Note: Exceptions to this are individual pieces of assessment contributing 10% or less of the final mark, unless the total of such pieces exceeds 30% of the final mark. Return of final marks Faculty policy states that 'the final mark that a student receives for a unit will be determined by the Board of Examiners on the recommendation of the Chief Examiner taking into account all aspects of assessment'. The final mark for this unit will be released by the Board of Examiners on the date nominated in the Faculty Calendar. Student results will be accessible through the my. Gnash portal. Exam viewing Feedback on student performance in examinations and other end-of-semester assessment is required, in accordance with the University's procedures on Unit www. Busses. Monish. Deed. AU/ABA/student/exam-view/index. HTML. Assessment Criteria Grading Descriptors available at: http://www. Busses. Monish. Deed. AU/eggs/gag/policies/assessment. HTML. Assessment Requirements Assessment task 1 Title: Due date: Details of task: Full details of the assessment task will be provided on Model along with all references required to complete the task.

Word limit: 2,000 words Weighting's: Presentation requirements: Referencing requirements: Work submitted for assessment must be consistent with the guidelines set down in the Q Manual, which is the faculty's student guide for producing quality work on time. Marks may be deducted where in-text citations and/or the reference list is not insistent with the American Psychological Association (PAPA) style, which is illustrated in the Q Manual.

Plagiarism: In order to ensure the academic integrity of your submission and to deter others from copying your work, your submission may be processed by a plagiarism checker such as Turning. The University's plagiarism policy is available online. Estimated return date: Marked assignments will be returned to you during week 7. If you do not attend the class in week 7, you may collect your assignment from your tutor during consultation times from week 8 onwards. You should retain the marked copy of your submission until the final results for the unit are released.

Criteria for marking: Overall, the work submitted for assessment will be graded in accord with the table showing examples of grades and corresponding achievement levels published in the Q Manual (2012, p. 6). A detailed marking guide will be provided on Model. Learning This assessment task is designed to test your achievement of learning objectives 1 , 3, 4 and 5. Submission details: Assignments should be submitted electronically and in hardcopy via the department assignment box at Level 3, Building H.

Work submitted for assessment must be accompanied by a completed and signed assignment coversheet. Penalties for late lodgment: A penalty of 10% of the total mark allocated to this assessment task will be deducted for each day, or part thereof, it is late. Applications for an extension of time allocated to an in-semester assessment task must be made by completing the application form. The application form must be submitted to the Chief Examiner for consideration no later than two university working days after the due date. Assessment task 2 references required to complete the task 3,000 words

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