Requirements and Guidelines for Persuasive Speech in Public Speaking Course

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Fundamentals of Public Speaking 101-1 Professor Victoria Nabors vnabors@ccc. edu ASSIGNMENT: Persuasive Speech: 5 to 8 minutes DUE DATE:See Syllabus GRADE POINTS:140 converts to 15% of your overall grade EVALUATION:Grading Rubric distributed and posted on Blackboard >Typed Full Sentence Outline Draft is due one class prior to your assigned presentation date. Partial handwritten outlines will not be accepted at all. >Students MAY NOT present a speech without an approved outline. *If you are absent on the day your outline is due, you must submit it to my office (give to the department secretary in room 2519), or via Email.

To earn credit for this outline, absent students must contact me on the date the assignment was due. >Attire Requirement (Ethos): Professional attire is mandatory for this final exam speech presentation. 5-point penalty for violations. >Speakers will select their speaking order on the same day outline drafts are due. “First come, first serve! ” You will sign up on the white board The purpose of this speech is to persuade your targeted audience to accept your views on an issue. Remember that your credibility plays an important role in persuading audiences; as such, you must deal with oppositional arguments in a fair and convincing way.

Good persuaders do not ignore the opposition, nor do they simply attack the opposition, they engage opposition’s logical arguments in an even-handed way. BASIC REQUIREMENTS In addition to persuading your audience to support your views, the persuasive speech must satisfy the following requirements: •Controversial Topic Selection: Persuasive topics can range from the general arguments that seek to influence healthier eating, to more controversial social issues of abortion, immigration, and gay right.

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Your job is to first convince your audience that there is a problem through informative speaking; and then, to propose a solution to the problem. •Persuasiveness: You are attempting to weaken your audience members’ support for the opposing case. You need to develop reasonable and ethical arguments that are designed to sway audience members who may initially disagree with your position. •Time: The speech should run 5 to 8 minutes. Speakers will be given a 30 second grace period before time limit penalties are applied. Presentation grades with be lowered by 2. 5 point for every 30 seconds under or over the allotted time limits.

That’s 5 point per minute! •Notes: You must deliver the speech extemporaneously. That means, the speech should not be memorized or scripted. Memorize the sequences of each section only! You may put a delivery outline of your speech on standard note cards or use a delivery outline. However, you should NOT read or rely heavily on these notes. Know your material! •Sources: You must orally cite a minimum of five sources in the body of the speech. Three of your sources must be available in print (in other words, you can only cite two web sources – Wikipedia is not acceptable).

Each student will conduct an in-class audience analysis that will count as one citation. Your evidence and proof should clearly support your arguments and be audience centered. I suggest you include a variety of evidence (statistics, examples, testimony, etc. ) •Visual Aid: If you use a visual aid to help the audience understand key points, it must meet the requirement for using visual aids. •On the Presentation Date: You must submit oA fully annotated outline with a bibliography page. The outline and bibliography page will be graded (outline10 points, bibliography 5 points). Your speaker’s note cards or speaker’s outline must be approved before approaching the podium. Speaking notes that do not meet the required skeleton outline format will not be allowed at the podium. NO EXCEPTIONS! •Attire (Ethos): Professional attire is mandatory for this final exam speech presentation. Remember every aspect of your presentation will help you to establish credibility; this includes your physical appearance. Failure to dress appropriately for this final speech will result in a 10 point deduction of the overall grade.

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