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Unfair practice procedure

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This event was held as portion of the on-going support made available to academic schools to back up consistent application of the Unfair Practice Procedure, and to portion pattern in the usage of plagiarism sensing tools and schemes that help avoid plagiarism. The event was divided into the three elements below:

A sum-up of the usage made of the Unfair Practice Procedure, and a opportunity to discourse issues originating from this ;

Discussion of the usage made of Turnitin and the online tools that can assist raise consciousness of plagiarism ;

A short presentation by three International Students on the different attacks to analyze they have encountered before come ining UK higher instruction.

1 ) The Unfair Practice Procedure

A sum-up of the instances considered by the University Committee of Enquiry was presented, along with the available informations on the instances considered within schools, and remarks made by External Examiners on this issue.

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Unfair practice procedure

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. These included the position of some schools that the Committee has been excessively lenient in some instances, and that the processs used by the Committee remain really nerve-racking to staff involved. It was noted that this has resulted in some schools being unwilling to use the process.

2 ) Prevention and Detection Tools

A brief presentation was given of a scope of online tools that are available to back up Cardiff pupils in this country, including the & A ; lsquo ; Student Guide to Academic Integrity ' , & A ; lsquo ; Plagiarism Learning Objects within the Information Literacy Resource Bank ' , and the & A ; lsquo ; Plagiarism and How to Avoid it ' tutorial now available through Blackboard. This was followed by treatment of the increased usage that is being made of the Turnitin plagiarism sensing package, and of the issues that surround its usage. Points originating from this treatment included the demand to be cognizant of possible additions in assessment-related disposal, and the possible value of the tool to back up formative appraisals.

3 ) The View of International Students

Following a sum-up of the survey patterns that international pupils have admitted to, the concluding portion of the workshop saw three international pupils offer their position on the different cultural and study traditions that exist in the UK compared with their place states, and the differing outlooks of their current schools and support mechanisms available. The positions provided echo the recent research findings, which have highlighted the scope of different challenges that international pupils face in this country. These include traditions that focus on a cultural worldview where regard for betters and seniors is paramount, an accent on rote acquisition, and a focal point on multiple pick inquiries and scrutinies that rely on memory. The event concluded by observing that larning to run within western academic conventions, for international pupils, is kindred to larning a new linguistic communication.

the resources linked to from this page have been collated to help academic staff when they suspect an unjust pattern has taken topographic point in a coursework appraisal. The undermentioned resources can be accessed from this page:

Unfair Practice - Staff Guidance [ 83.2 Kb ]

This note covers the undermentioned countries: definition of unjust pattern, how to forestall unjust pattern in coursework, and the stairss that must be followed when an unjust pattern is suspected.

The Unfair Practice Regulations as detailed in the Academic Regulations Handbook. These contain inside informations of the process that must be used.

TheTurnitin Plagiarism Detection Service is an on-line tool that can assist place cases of unjust pattern. Information and advice about accessing the service is availablehere.

A new individual instance record has been adopted for cases of unjust pattern. Flow charts have besides been developed to assist steer staff through the process. These can be accessed from the resources subdivision.

A suite of standard letters has been provided to help staff involved in the application of the new Unfair Practice Procedure. The undermentioned missive templets are available to download from the Resources subdivision of this page:

  • Letter 1: Unfair Practice Co-ordinator ask foring pupil to go to a meeting
  • Letter 2: Unfair Practice Co-ordinator directing pupil the notes of the meeting
  • Letter 3: Chair of Exam Board to student who failed to go to the initial meeting
  • Letter 4: Chair of Exam Board to student where the determination is that unjust pattern has occured, and advising pupil of the punishment
  • Letter 5: Chair of Exam Board to student where the determination is that no unjust pattern occurred and no farther action will be taken

5.0Unfair pattern in a formal scrutiny: initial phases

5.1 When it is considered or suspected that a campaigner is prosecuting in unjust pattern, the campaigner shall be informed, sooner in the presence of a informant, that the fortunes will be reported. The campaigner shall, nevertheless, be allowed to go on the scrutiny and any subsequent scrutiny ( s ) without bias to any determination that may be taken. Failure to give such a warning shall non, nevertheless, prejudice subsequent proceedings.

When appropriate, the invigilator shall impound and retain grounds associating to any alleged unfair scrutiny pattern, so that it is available to any subsequent probe. The invigilator shall every bit shortly as possible study the fortunes in authorship, with any grounds retained, to the Superintendent of Examinations, who shall in bend inform the Chair of the relevant Examining Board.

In the instance of a trial contributing to the concluding faculty consequence, which is conducted under the auspices of the section, the invigilator shall describe to the Chair of the Examining Board, who in bend shall describe to the Overseer

5.2 Suspected unjust pattern detected during or after the marker period

An internal or external tester or any other individual who, whether during the marking period or later, considers or suspects that a campaigner has engaged in an unjust pattern, shall describe the affair in composing to the Chair of the relevant Examining Board every bit shortly as possible. The Chair shall retain any relevant grounds and shall forthwith study the affair in composing to the Superintendent of Examinations. The Overseer of Examinations shall so take the action prescribed below.

5.3Further action to be taken by the Superintendent of Examinations

On reception of a study refering an allegation of unjust pattern, the Superintendent of Examinations shall discourse the affair with the Chair of the relevant Examining Board to find whether, in the visible radiation of all the fortunes, a Prima facie instance has been established.

If it is decided that no farther action against the campaigner should be taken, the Chair of the relevant Examining Board shall, where appropriate, inform the campaigner in composing that the affair is closed.

If satisfied that such a instance exists, the Superintendent shall describe the instance in composing to the Registrar and shall direct to him/her transcripts of any relevant supporting grounds. The process shown shall so run as described.

The Registrar shall inform the campaigner in authorship of the allegation, and that a Committee of Inquiry will be constituted to see the instance

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