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Procedure Skills

Lesson planSchool: Colegiul Na?ional M. Eminescu, Ia?i

Date: 6th April 2018

Proposer: Popovics Anamaria

Mentor’s name: Cetilina Neagu

Class: 9th grade, 5 classes/ week

Level: B2

Textbook: Upstream Intermediate

Lesson type: Integrated skills with focus on consolidating and acquiering vocabulary related to sports and sportspeople

Time allowed: 50 minutes

Aids: Textbook, blackboard, chalk


  1. Create the opportunity for Ss to use previously acquired language related to sports.
  2. Give Ss the opportunity to express their own opinions on different types of sports.


  1. By the end of the lesson Ss will have retold the text using vocabulary related to sports.
  2. Ss will have learnt how to use arguments for their own opinions.
  3. Ss will have acquired new vocabulary (adjectives) related to sports.

Time and lesson stage Procedure Skills Interaction Rationale and observations2 minutesWarm-up T will ask how was their previous day after school, and also ask them to remember the last text they did Speaking T-Ss To create a relaxing environment and also revise language.

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10 minutes

Controlled speaking practice T: Will ask ss. provide the main ideas from and remember the important words.Speaking T-Ss Teacher can provide key words to trigger the idea and guide them towards what she needs to hear from the students using the appropriate vocabulary.20 minutes

Free speaking practice8 minutes

Controlled Practice T tasks Ss to describe pictures related to sports and make connections between these and the type of people who would practice the sports.T asks the Ss to solve ex 2 from page 136. The T will explain words along the way and demand synonyms for groups of words and words such as “centre of the target”, “daring”. Writing + Speaking +FeedbackPairsStudents will have developed conversational skills through dialogueProvide arguments.Describe by using appropriate adjectives.Paragraph organising.8minutes T puts the students into pairs and asks them to solve exercise 4 from the page 137.

The teacher will then place three stickers on the blackboard depicting the words “interesting”, “challenging” and “boring” and ask the students to complete the gaps underneath them with the free-time activities they came up with earlier. Speaking/ PairworkGroupwork Pairs -Agreeing, disagreeing, giving arguments, interrupting, summing up, reporting to the classPeer feedback2 minutes T gives feedback upon the activities and gives homework to the ss : The students will have to revise the conditionals from the end of their practice books and come up with sentences of each conditional type. Speaking T-Ss To revise the previous activities.

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