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Under Armour company was initialized with an objective of producing superior T-shirt with is capable of providing compression and wicked perspiration off your skin instead of absorbing it. It was designed to work in line with the body in order to regulate the temperature resulting in enhanced performance. In a decade, Under Armour established itself with its unique line of micro-fiber gear and subsequently launched the performance product industry.

It was established in the year 1996 by Kevin Plank, who himself is the former football player of University of Maryland. Under Armour initiate the new race of performance apparel. They have shown the world how the gears can be engineered to keep athletes cool and dry throughout the game or workout. Although the technology behind their range of products is quite complex but their promotion and selection is very simple: HeatGear when it’s hot and ColdGear when it's cold. Whereas AllSeasonGear for normal conditions.

Their mission is to provide the world with technically advanced products engineered with superior fabric construction, exclusive moisture management and proven innovation (Official Website). The founders of Under Armour know it very well the advantage of LockerTagTM heatseals, as they themselves are collegiate and professional athletes. Their signature LockerTagTM made the weird garment labels inside the shirt obsolete; it also assured the displaying of its owner’s jersey number clearly and stylishly on the performance apparel.

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The Under Armour fabric labs are capable of producing a diverse range of performance apparel by engineering the latest textile innovations and introducing new technologies resulting in non-stop improvising of their products. Its headquarter is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was basically created serving the purpose as underneath uniforms or pads. Later on, it has also started producing clothes like hooded sweatshirts, regular t-shirts, sweat pants, compression shorts, hunting gear and many more.

Under Armour set the trend of form-fitting, moisture-wicking performance apparel in the year 2003. It has already achieved tremendous exposure and popularity by that time. Reebok's PlayDry material was the same move for its NFL Equipment line. A line of football cleats was released by Under Armour in June 1996 with the slogan "Click-Clack". A large number of US soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan prefer to wear mainly Under Armour or similar moisture-wicking clothing in order to get some relief in the hot climate.

But some parts of the U. S. Military and other NATO forces have prohibited Under Armour due to reason that its polyester fuses to the skin on exposure to flame and intense heat. Its first Super Bowl ad was released in May 2008 and initiating the marketing of its first all-sport training shoe. It opened its first retail location by the end of year 2007 at the Westfield Annapolis mall in Annapolis, Maryland, followed by the opening of a larger 6,000-square-foot store at Westfield Fox Valley in Aurora, Illinois in May 2008.

These stores are especially designed with a purpose to reflect the appearance of the underbelly of a sports stadium including a tunnel entrance and a ramp that goes up inside the store. Several other stores were opened in the year 2008, including Natick Collection mall in Natick, Massachusetts and Westfield Montgomery in Bethesda, Maryland.

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