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Two Vastly Difrent Words Two Vastley Diffrent Meanings

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Two vastly different words with Two vastly different meanings Ignorance and Stupidity are words that are commonly used out of context and either word is often mistakenly used in the others rightful place. Ignorance is commonly mistaken for stupidity in society. Just as commonly, stupidity can be denied and termed as ignorance. To say that these words are one in the same is ignorance in and of its self, that is if one is uninformed of the true definitions of either word.

When one has been informed of the correct definition and still uses the term out of context well, that is an example of stupidity. For many reasons these two words have two vastly different meanings which can be easily contrasted with some thought. Ignorance can be defined as having no knowledge or information in ones mind of a specific subject. Ignorance is the result of a lack of education, one can not be expected to have the correct response when exposed to something they are uneducated on.

For example, a male student walks into his college math class half an hour late. He sits down and is then handed a quiz on calculus and instructed to finish the quiz in fifteen minutes. He hasn’t read any of the chapter on calculus assigned last week and he has missed the lecture on calculus that his teacher gave at the beginning of the class. This is the first he has heard of calculus and he has had no prior experience in the subject. Therefore the student was ignorant on the subject.

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He failed the quiz because of his ignorance. The student may have retained the information given on calculus well and aced the test had he obtained that information. Ignorance is also a term used to describe being unaware of something. Such as, when a good friend of mine bill ate crab legs for the first time he was ignorant to the fact that he was allergic to shellfish. His throat itched then swelled and he was quickly rushed to the E. R that night. Know he is no longer ignorant to that fact.

Other words to describe ignorance are uninformed, unlearned, uneducated and unwitting . Stupidity can be defined as a lack of intelligence. When one lacks intelligence they lack the ability to think and learn. They also lack the ability to apply information that they have been given. Stupidity can also be described as a lack of perception, not using the senses or lacking common sense. When one does not think logically or chooses not to make practical judgments based on the experience they already posses that is stupidity.

Stupidity is expressed in irrational or thoughtless behavior. Such as the story given earlier of the male college student who didn’t study he showed an example of ignorance by having no knowledge of the subject he was being quizzed on. He also showed an example of stupidity. He would not have been ignorant had he studied. He was not ignorant to the fact that he had a chapter to read or of the time he was to be in class he just stupidly chose not to read the chapter just as he stupidly chose to be late for class.

Because of this thoughtless, stupid behavior he was left ignorant. Other words to describe stupidity are foolish, senseless, witless and idiotic. Ignorance is a term used to describe ones unknowing, as to say he is ignorant of a subject not because he is stupid but because he lacks knowledge of that subject. It is a term that should never be used to insult and just as well should never be taken that way. There is no one person who possess no ignorance at all, we all have things we are ignorant of.

Benjamin Franklin once said “ being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn”. One can attempt to dispel there ignorance by seeking out and the proper Knowledge and education. Once they obtain the proper information and knowledge then they are no longer ignorant of the subject. Stupidity is a term used as an insult and can usually be correctly perceived as one. When a person uses the term stupid to describe another they are usually placing the blame of thoughtlessness or another negative trait such as foolishness on that other person. Fools rush in where fools been before” Unknown. While ignorance can be dispelled as quickly as one can learn, stupidity seems to be a pattern or bad habit that even the most educated people tend to exhibit. It can take a lot longer for some to get rid of there stupidity then for others to gain knowledge and rid of there ignorance. These terms have been defined enough to show why they are two vastly different words with two vastly different meanings and are expected to be used wisely.

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