The Work-Study Program of Full-Time and Part-Time Students

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There are many similarities and differences between full and part-time students. Each student is trying for the goal of educating themselves to become more successful in life. As students begin their education there is a sense of motivation and eagerness. Knowing the possible compensations and honor that comes with this achievement. There can be a feeling of tension and uncertainty that comes with this new adventure. If an individual does not become discarded, and is willing to except the challenge of this feat, there is no limit to the success one can attain in their life.

Students receive their degree at different times in their lives depending on their finances, responsibilities and time restraints. Full-time students are generally younger, and just out of high school. Full-time students must take a minimum number of courses, generally 12 or more semester hours. They normally have a set semester schedule of daytime or nighttime classes to choose from. They are often eligible for financial aid, or work-study programs because of the higher cost for a higher education.

They may also receive a number of scholarships to help pay for their education. Full-time students usually do not have a family or as many outside responsibilities. They usually only have a part-time job and still live at home with their parents. The time restraints that full-time students have are homework, studying and fitting their job schedule into their school schedule. These students can complete a full degree program in about 4 - 5 years. Part-time students are generally older, and living on their own.

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For part-time students it takes a longer time to achieve the goal of graduation. Many students can not afford to go to college on a full-time basis because of the cost of education. They are often not eligible for financial aid or work-study programs because they take as few as 1 - 3 semester hour courses. Scholarships are usually not offered to part-time students. They do not normally have the problem of course overload, unless they are taking too many courses at once, while trying to work full-time.

At times even one course can be too much to handle, depending on the student"s home situation. Part-time students often have additional responsibilities of home and family, and must handle their other responsibilities in addition to school. Often, part-time students are taking classes to help them in their career. Some professions require taking classes to continue their education and are taken on a part-time basis to enhance their work skills. These types of classes are normally taken evenings, weekends or holiday breaks.

Part-time students sometimes have a difficult time finding the courses they need at the time they need them. It may take months or years before needed courses are offered. Whether the student is going to a university or a community college, they must consider all possibilities before entering college. If you have a full-time job or career, one would usually become a part-time student. If money in not an issue, a full-time route would probably be taken. If family is an issue, a student may decide to go part-time. Either way a student goes, the goal of a diploma can be achieved.

Both full and part-time students consider their finances, responsibilities and time restraints to accomplish a higher education. Regardless of the time frame in which each person may fulfill this goal, there is usually a feeling of success, pride, and relief in knowing that graduation is at hand. Through many hours of strenuous research and sacrifice, an individual can put their knowledge towards their desired profession. This accomplishment of success is not only measured by financial rewards, but also knowing that this knowledge will help many others.

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