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The Wife of Bath

Madison Roan English 2332-CO1 Professor Heaslip Nov 18, 2012 Week 12 Alyson undoubtedly was a self-assured woman in the pilgrim expedition and her numerous marriages and declaring how she dealt with her husbands through sexual influence and trickery. However, I believe that Alyson perhaps was a realistic character of metropolitan woman with certain prosperity in the medieval England. I consider that Chaucer was justly attempting to define Alyson realistically and founded her on what he saw of actual women with her qualities in the London during his time.

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Alyson is what woman truly wants to be, however; don’t convey their true feelings. The Wife of Bath contradicts with everything a woman was back then. I believe that similar the additional characters in the Canterbury Tales, The Wife of Bath was intended to display how culture actually was through irony and drama. The Wife of Bath’s Tale is voiced from a woman’s position. She demonstrates in her story that the entity women most yearn is whole control over their husbands.

It is said how she had the greater influence in all of her marriages. The Wife of Bath tells a tale of love, passion and enchantment. The Knight’s Tale flawlessly portrays the character of a Knight: That is, he chooses love, righteousness, chivalry, and exploration. His story spoke of two cousins and brothers, who were embodied by the desire of one woman, Emily. They are both different when it comes to the women of the tales over the overall point of the stories are the same; love, passion and magic.

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